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Guild Vale Updated
« on: February 01, 2019, 05:19:21 pm »
February 1, 2019
  • Added weapons: dagger, sword, axe, mace
  • Can arm and dis-arm them in the Carry window
  • Weapons wear down but have no way yet to repair, eeeek!
  • New skills for the weapons
  • Wiped the map and players cuz can't train skills in game yet and need to test plants
  • Map size is now 2000, it was 1000
  • New Chat window. Android can now chat
  • Map window got flashing cursors, grid lines and position/sector location
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Re: Guild Vale Updated
« Reply #1 on: February 13, 2019, 05:36:35 pm »
February 13, 2019
  • Monsters now drop weapons so you can upgrade and replace broken ones, still no repairing yet
  • Fixed bug with ghosted monsters near the 50x50 edges. Players could see them but could not attack them and they never move.
  • Map sending staggered more. It sends one at a time, waits for the previous to end sending before sending next one. But it still seems to lag up the client. Need to rethink this method maybe.

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Re: Guild Vale Updated
« Reply #2 on: March 05, 2019, 11:11:28 am »
March 5, 2019
  • Basic Usage: can repair weapons on the ground and cut down trees. Not much but it a huge step and opens the flood gate for much more.
  • Redrew some monster images, adding a smaller and larger image. Plus added some monster carcasses that rot. Will add usage on them some day
  • Added medium and high monsters versions for Mud, stone and snow golems.
  • Use /trainskill <name> to train a skill after player creation. Need to create a "train skill" screen still. Just Farming and Blacksmith are valid now. You also get the starter tools.
  • Maps were not getting saved sometimes when you exit the game. It now saves automatically every 10 seconds but after testing it on the production server, it has a visible lag. So, I need to work on that some more
  • In the Map Screen, you can click on the big map and the smaller map will show that area
  • Morale is now displayed in the Attribute screen. Jerky can raise it.
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Re: Guild Vale Updated
« Reply #3 on: March 19, 2019, 12:47:21 pm »
March 19, 2019
  • Can use a tool on empty ground. So you can now dig caves down and up.
  • Underground is working which means... Mining works too! But still can't do anything with the ores yet.
  • Auto-tool spot is now active but seems to only work for mining right now.
  • Been updating monster images as I go too, adding smaller and bigger versions and some carcasses.
  • Can use hand on items. Main one is using a Life Stone to set resurrect spot. But this opens up harvesting fruit... when trees/bushes ever get fruit.
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Re: Guild Vale Updated
« Reply #4 on: May 08, 2019, 10:51:38 am »
May 8, 2019

Sorry I have not been keeping this up to date. April was a nasty month, full of a long, busy business trip, getting and being sick the whole month and the icing on the cake... a death in the family.

I haven't stopped working on Guild Vale though but it has been slow for sure. Did a few updates and let me see what I can remember...
  • Cave Quests: Cave Rats and Rat Nest are the only things now that give loot. Look for warp portals, one in each 100x100 area.
  • Wilderness monsters don't drop loot but still do drop jerky for food.
  • Search skill added for use on Rat's Nests. The better the skill the better the loot. V6 had this too. It a useful skill for combat types. Much planned for it.
  • Usage pick list with scrolling. For Blacksmith, put a bar on the ground with a hammer in your inventory and you will see it, show all you can make with arrow button scrolling.
  • Blacksmith can make all the tools and weapons
  • Refined the GUI, made it more consistent looking
  • Can drag items around on the map to move them
  • Dropping items easier, it allows you to pick the spot to drop to
  • The usual refinement and bug squashing
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Re: Guild Vale Updated
« Reply #5 on: May 30, 2019, 05:00:11 pm »
May 30, 2019

  • Walk and Run modes. Run moves twice as fast but uses Stamina depending on your Run skill roll.
  • Peace, Defend and Attack modes
  • Added wheat and corn
  • Cooking: meat from carcasses used on a heat source(only one now, the furnace)
  • GUI updates, graphic buttons
  • Can Train skills in a window
  • Major skill XP changes:
    • Skills can be: Untrained, Trained or Mastered
    • Untrained allows the lowest level of usage, up to skill 10 based on attributes, no XP gain
    • Trained maxes out at 100 skill level with 100% XP gain, can train a skill at any time if you have the skill points
    • Mastered (same as classic Specialized) has no max with 200% XP gain, need a mastery scroll and skill points to train, scrolls found in quests with Search skill
  • Carcasses for most(or all) monsters, some can get meat from
  • Updated Cave up/down images and Cave Quest portals
  • Morale loss disabled for now since not enough food/ways to improve it yet
  • Level up animation
  • Maps show quest entrances/warps with a purple cross so they easier to find on maps
  • Gold coins are now Copper coins, can't mine them yet, just from quests and searchables
  • Goblins running around
  • Bug fixes and refinements
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Re: Guild Vale Updated
« Reply #6 on: July 15, 2019, 01:13:19 pm »
WIPED the world and players.
  • Main reason for wipe was XP changes. Leveling, skill improvement and skill points have been slowed down. Was too easy to level and train everything.
  • Re-did the caves. Using a different, better generator. Added bats and shrooms too.
  • Added little islands throughout. Should match land claim plots and be good for player homes.
  • Mastery Skill scrolls for Mastering skills. Only found in Cave quests.
  • Ruins added on the surface with undead guarding it.
  • Added wheat and corn
  • Can train skills in game
  • Stone and wood wall making.
  • Added minerals and precious metals to mining. Fixed rarity too so there should be plenty to mine now. Before it was kinda empty. Underground also got scattered "Pile of Bones" which is NOT a monster but something to search for loot. I do plan other crap underground someday.
  • Camp fires for easier cooking
  • Lots of refinement and bug fixing

My goal is to try and publish an Alpha version on gaming websites by the end of the year or sooner.
Things I know I need to get there:
  • NPCs, small towns at start spots with trading/selling/buying
  • More Quests
  • What's New and Help
  • Missile weapons
  • Basic Magic system
  • Basic Alchemy
  • Armor
  • Elevation (maybe)
  • Line of Sight (maybe)
  • Day and night and lighting (maybe)
  • Crap... my list is endless
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Re: Guild Vale Updated
« Reply #7 on: September 05, 2019, 06:02:45 pm »
Lots updated...


September 5, 2019

- bug fixes for the "delayed adding to map" change from yesterday
- added a "transition" screen for when moving to maps that require
  loading data from the server

- DAILY BONUSES!!! Randomly selected when server restarts at night.
  Includes Life and Stamina renewal boosts plus a boost for each
  attribute! They are modest right now to see how much they can
  affect gameplay. Server sends you a green text message on enter.
- minerals farther from the origin (middle start spot), have
  increased skill and work requirements


September 4, 2019

- changed how a player moves to other maps, like down, up or to a
  quest map. Before it added player to the new map then sent data to
  the client. This opened the player up to attack, especially when
  the client took a long time (10-20 seconds) to get the map data.
  Now, it keeps the player off the map until the client signals it
  has all the map data and is ready to be added to the map. (I was
  tired of my trader getting killed over and over!)

- zombies have carcasses
- changed humanoid monsters to not drop weapons on death, you need
  to search bodies for loot. Also reduced copper coin from them


August 23, 2019

- added Shields, requires the Shield skill
- shield skill value gets added to weapon defense value on defend,
  so if your Axe is 20 and Shield is 10, you get a 30 defend skill
- shield armor value determines how long it lasts and if the player
  suffers stamina damage, like if a shield value is 10 and a monster
  hits for 15 then you will suffer more than the base 1 stamina use
- not sure how I like how it all works, need to test it to find out

- on a disconnect, the client will ask if you want to reconnect


August 8, 2019

- added sewer quests to villages


August 1, 2019

- reworked Goblins and Orcs. Evened out the levels over sectors.
- Goblins use daggers now.
- added human Bandits which use Swords
- added Grayvyn which use Maces
- Trade screen shows quantities now
- traders only buy items that are 100% life, not used/damaged
- Village Guards were stuck sometimes cuz of burden, can move now
- added medium and higher tools to trader buying/selling
- on death, you already loose ALL items but now get starter items


July 29, 2019

- villages with traders added to start spots
- reduced untrained skill MAX to 10, was 20


July 15, 2019

- added what's new to menu screen
- zombies added to dead biomes
- deadwood trees added to dead biomes
- camp fires create smoke

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