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« on: May 02, 2016, 06:55:49 pm »
- mayors can revoke or approve a land permit that a player has bought, revoke does not give money/prestige back, it is meant to take a permit away from someone abusing it or not building what the mayor wants, approving a permit is done after a player is dont building the land parcel, approving removes rights to the land and awards the permt owner with 2X prestige that the permit is worth
what if some guy is being an ass?  for example 'Player C' doesn't like 'Player 7', and 'Player C' is mayor of a town.  if 'Player 7' spends money to buy a permit and uses up a lot of materials working on the plot and all the time and effort of building.  then 'Player C' can come along and sees the guy he hates has invested all that and thinks it would be a good way to screw him over by revoking his permit...I don't think towns will work well that way. 

since some people think its rude to shoot down someone's idea without offering another, and this idea has actually been offered before, why not add guilds to V6 and only allow a guild leader to buy town charters?  then anyone in the guild can then work on the town and the guild receives prestige that would then be divided amongst the players(like guild xp?).
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Re: towns
« Reply #1 on: May 03, 2016, 03:34:12 pm »
Yes, a Mayor can abuse the Revoke power. In this case, it up to the player to be careful what they spend their coin/time/resources on, really. I was thinking of an Auto-Revoke after 1 real week and remove the Revoke power from the Mayor but the Mayor could just ignore it and not Approve it and let the Auto-Revoke do the deed.

This situation ties into my general philosophy for V6 that players need to police themselves. If you get screwed, learn your lesson and make adjustments so you don't fall into it again. If you don't like the mayor, wait until a new player gets that mayor-ship or go find a different town to work on. It doesn't mean I will ignore potentially abusive things like this but I would rather players deal with it themselves.

Guilds could become the driver for making towns but I like them separate. Guilds could abuse their power and privatize a town, blocking outsiders. The whole point is players building publicly accessible shops/areas for all to benefit. But allowing Guilds to build town-like areas should be allowed too but Town land and Guild land should not block/restrict each other. Not really sure how close Guild in V6 will be like Guilds in V1/V2. Time will tell.

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