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Making Images and adding them?
« on: January 13, 2016, 05:49:41 pm »
Hey again im Just wondering If Someone Could explain a little about making new images for my created items..

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Re: Making Images and adding them?
« Reply #1 on: January 13, 2016, 07:45:41 pm »
Hey again im Just wondering If Someone Could explain a little about making new images for my created items..

1) Images are blocks of 32px by 32px. The max size image in RPGWO can be 64x64 px.

2) All items / images only take up 1 square of space they can block, but can span 4 squares.

3) Imagetypes-
    a) imagetype 3 is a 64x64 image.
    b) imagetype 1-2 are 32x64 image, I think the difference between them in that one will block the top of the image and the other will block the bottom? Can't remember exactly just try it out it's easy enough.
4) Save all your images as BMP files. If you use gimp or photoshop to edit the images and if they don't work resave them in windows paint as BMP files.

5) White space is not seen in your images. So if you want a transparent background make sure you put complete white in (#ffffff). If you want to show white color put something very close to white in.

6) I've attached a 320x320 blank template you can use to start putting images into.

7) I've uploaded a RPGWO tools package I put together for you.
   a) TileMage Image Splitter can be used to chop up images into 32x32 images.
   b) GifFrame can be used to cut up a gif so you can animate something in game.
   c) RPGWO Graphics is probably the most important. It's made by Jon so be sure to thank him for his useful tool. You use this to paste your 32x32 images into the blank template I attached (or other image files) and get them perfectly aligned.

8 ) I think some of the graphics I chopped up in the "images already in" folder for you to look at.

9) Use pmastermaker to make the zlibs after you update your images files to serve them to your client.

10) Obviously if you looked in the item ini the images are index by number with page 1 holding the first 100 images.
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