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« on: September 08, 2015, 04:26:26 pm »
can't reply in the thread where you posted it, but:
- will add usage for clippers, mainly on roses but will also add usage on alchemy plants, plus using a pick to remove a plant entirely, currently, using hand on a plant to harvest it, leaves invisible roots that keep growing
does that mean you're planning to add multiple usages for each plant type or just that you only want plants harvested with tools?  using a farmer's scythe on most plants always gave seeds, but using clippers on that same plant could give leaves for example(with V2 usages), farmer's scythe on rye weed gives rye weed seeds, but you could use clippers to get rye weed stalk.  hopefully you get what I mean because I can't explain it well right now ???  

I ask because with plants giving multiple items(leaves, petals, stalks, roots, seeds, bark, sap) you could really make the alchemy system more complex without having to add a whole lot more plants.  

also I may have asked this before, but if I did I can't find it.
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Re: Plants
« Reply #1 on: September 08, 2015, 06:23:31 pm »
Probably not gonna add farmers scythe since it really only applies to wheat. Will have clippers be the basic farmers harvesting tool for plants and crops. At least for now.

I do still plan scythe weapons though.

I am thinking if you use clippers, you get double instead if you just use your hands. But some things you can't use your hands to harvest, like roses cuz the stems are too thick. But alchemy plants you can pull/ripe off and even corn and wheat and fruit, etc, using your hand.
Than after you have the initial harvest item, you can dissect it to get the various parts like seed, petals, fruit, extract, syrup, etc.
Items like bark and sap could be scrapped/harvested off trees, branches and logs using a knife item.

Alchemy, I was planning a 3+ item combo/mixture that are randomized at each wipe. The 3 basic items would be mineral(mined, like sulfur), organic extract (alchemy plants), and Rose petal grind. Something like that. The one issue I see is certain ingredients being far away from start spot, say like for a stamina potion, and players will be "handicapped" without it at first... and complain to me about it too.
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