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Rpgwo 2015
« on: April 11, 2015, 10:02:12 am »
[10:59:32 AM] Eddie: hi
[10:59:35 AM] Eddie: boys
[10:59:38 AM] Martin Dravien: Why you mad bro?
[10:59:50 AM] Martin Dravien: Seriously, Why cant you take competition?
[10:59:53 AM] Martin Dravien: Is it too much for you?
[10:59:59 AM] Joshua Loucks: competition?
[11:00:06 AM] Joshua Loucks: the kid macroed defs until 4am or later
[11:00:10 AM] Joshua Loucks: that not competition bro
[11:00:11 AM] Martin Dravien: Did he?
[11:00:12 AM] Joshua Loucks: that's ghawkgy
[11:00:15 AM] Martin Dravien: Does it hurt you?
[11:00:16 AM] Joshua Loucks: hawkgy
[11:00:20 AM] Joshua Loucks: also what competition
[11:00:21 AM] Martin Dravien: Does it change your life at all?
[11:00:24 AM] Joshua Loucks: kids in items I gave him
[11:00:30 AM] Martin Dravien: You are a kid.
[11:00:35 AM] Joshua Loucks: see you kids later
[11:00:38 AM] Martin Dravien: And you act like one
[11:00:43 AM] Martin Dravien: All too often
[11:00:47 AM] Martin Dravien: get off your tigering high horse
[11:00:49 AM] Martin Dravien: stop tigering crying
[11:00:50 AM] Joshua Loucks: a kid? I don't play rpgwo for kids to cheat and break the rules. that's not enjoyable
[11:00:56 AM] Martin Dravien: IF you cant take losing
[11:00:57 AM] Joshua Loucks: that's not being a kid
[11:00:59 AM] Martin Dravien: then go play something else.
[11:00:59 AM] Joshua Loucks: thats just not fun
[11:01:02 AM] Martin Dravien: and grow the tiger up
[11:01:04 AM] Eddie: Point is, you're quitting because I'm doing something Roarion knows and doesn't care about, which you know about
[11:01:09 AM] Eddie: Idk how this is something new brah

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Re: Rpgwo 2015
« Reply #1 on: April 11, 2015, 10:02:53 am »
This is why rpgwo is dead.. along with many other reasons.


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