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Old V2 Design Data
« on: March 27, 2015, 04:58:14 pm »
Here is a V2 design file I found that may have some useful feature/content ideas.
+ means I did it
 - means not done

New Features:

+ multi-map
+ multi-item per spot
+ isometric : tried it but no good
+ larger, dynamic view
+ usage time based, not stamina based : just gonna keep it stam based
- house images, not just walls
- animated players and monsters: moving, attack, activity, etc
- party system

Existing Features

- static view size, 15x13, 800x600
- guilds
- seiges
- NPC/Player traders
- tames
- combat
- apartment, appeals
- bitch, conquest, faction, history
- item use, magic, mail
- post, scripts, chat channels
- race, treasure
- hotkeys, gamble, keycodes/locksmith
- NPC trade, ruen bag, secure trade
- trajetory aim, magic research
- item qty split
- train skill, surface choice

Things To Fix/Improve

+ item handling
 + one function to send : too complicated
- get rid of text commands
 - have client send request packets not chat
 - forms for guilds and other commands
 + form for mail
- packet streamlining
 - reduce size
 - get rid of zero packet
 - use int/long instead of text strings
+ directx : not gonna do it, too much compatibility issues and dxg
+ increase screen size 1024x768 default
- dynamic view size, circular
- enterable buidings
- direct map manipulation
+ encrypt .dat files on client : protected the items from light and sight line hacks
- event driven like gvo and party? with a main?
+ item use based on time not stamina like GV has : not gonna do
+ increase carry view size from 4x3 to more
+ make carry dynamic size, not a static 50
+ rebalance all skills and trade skills and items
+ reorganize order and grouping of items
+ ore based weapons
+ multi-maps
- path finding for client and monsters
- quest structures
+ isometric? : tried it and decided no
- chat channels in main window
- under water
- graphics
+ names longer than 20 char
- email notification and newsletter
+ minimum itemdef.dat on client, encrypted
- minimum itemuse.dat on client, encrypted
- encrypt passwords in file
- lighting - tile based?
- rid temp effects?
- research and knowledge nodes
- rune bag qty
- monster groups
- items have life or hitpoints
- allow attacking items
- sheild skill
+ balance out all the ore items together: armor, weapons, sheilds, mining, smelting, repairing, etc
- tribunal/government
- voting or competitions
- titles, quests for them? : duke, prince, sir, squire, knight, paladin, warrior, wizard, master, etc
- prestige points
+ flashing indicators: like for mail or other things that require attention
+ use UUID in chat and other client features
- look at old .txt design docs for ideas never used
+ isolate scripts, maps, dat files in own folder
- get rid of some .ini and .dat files and make lookup tables in the exe (waterside.ini, etc)
+ change the equiptment figure
- cool, cold, hot, warm, freezing get rid of? temp effects?
+ longer range weapons
- user customizable interface
- mini-map zoom
- gradient color on life/stam/mana bars
- rounded, graphical buttons and tabs
- party/groups - shared XP
- better visual effects in combat
+ mail GUI
- quest system
- faster vitae restore: prostitutes and STDs
- using item underneath: popup the multi-use form as needed
- numpad 5 to up/down, use plus and minus!
- generic items that are editable in game
- get rid of item classes, just use flags
- tamefollow <name>
- tames auto guard when going through warp
- negative buffs
- renewals on items and usage
- tells - not found message
- group usage
- make leveling land easier
- picking fruit have more stages
- error checking
- plants follow the seasons
+ increase inventory
- glass blowing, quartz, silica to get bottles for potions
- dead bodies for all
- water needs, canteens, water skins
+ mining pots
- pots for all skills
- spells on items
- hard to make food give bonuses like pots
+ ore throwing weapons
+ blanace out black magic based on mana used or just nerf it
- projectile magic can miss
+ tradeskills XP normal, combat XP decrease
- dead players turn into zombies!
- surface 3x3
- white roses
- power up for spell before a cast
- warm up for any attack, no instant attack
+ change static image guy to show wearing or image
- long to prepare food has bonuses
- tames resurrect
- tailor - can make decoys or dummies
- weapons just for tradeskill requirements
- area of effect attacks: spinning attack - uses more stamina
- area of effect spells: healing, damage, etc
- duration damage spells: frost slowly melts away but does damage the whole time
- rapid firing: reduce accuracy but increase fire rate for range weapons
- multi throw
- monsters that require more than one person to kill: first attack always misses, second is normal roll
- tradeskill quests
- attacking slows run down
- dual weaponry
+ reduce XP from monsters or combat?
- double XP events
+ balanced out monster levels
- dual skilled weapons: weapons that act as wands, staffs
- invisibility spell
- sheild spell
- group quests
+ longer range weapons
- moats
- wards
- more ores - bronze, tin
+ broken sheilds repairable
+ broken weaps and armor repairable
+ load 4 gold scraps into crucible
+ load 100 gold coin into crucible
- magic tabs for each school
- magic research tab - show spell list and allow to put rune combos in auto
- larger spell research form
- larger forms for ALL forms
- disarm item from self to map
+ marble and colored stone for flooring, get rid of /surface for players
- monster souls to be used to make quests
- plants grown in pots cast area of effect spells
- clothes have boosts
- food used faster when stamina/life/mana reviving
- tribunal task form
- allow items spawns for any key/rune key
- allow land rights and pickup rights and mules/traders by client, not by player
- show item bonuses in secure trade
+ dagger luv
- get rid of "Damage *" weapons on monsters
- adjust stam use on usages to be more
- limit mule burden
- 2-handed weapons X out left hand spot
- power grid system
+ multi-tool usage
- ammo clips
- other effects from explosions like gas, poison, blindness
- admin customization: give/take abilities
- ability to look like a monster with no name
- get rid of old magic spells
- slow down normal life renewal
- caster linking to do big spells
- client settings for all ignoring
- throwable area of effect potions
- add magic torch to /buyitemspawn and maybe other safe items? a list in world.ini? or a item.ini setting?
- tailored items have powers - detect ore/monster - invisibility - morph - trap spot - stealth spot - warp
+ organize item container code
- get rid of /admin <command>
+ ignoe and chat filter on client
+ create a modLand
- arm tools to find/use faster
- use item underneath broke when in a skewed view
- display item qty in backpack better
- WASD for movement
- seperate mule and player trader forms with drop and pickup commands?
- guild member date/time joined and use it for dues
- image selection form
- pickpocket skill
- delete apartment code
- delete condo code
- redo chat channels, move to modChat
- spec skills after creation
- untrain spec skills
- modSecureTrade
- secure trade flashing light
- cast spell on items in your inventory
- change run when going up or down hills
+ seperate help file per world
+ require @@@ for final approval of a tribunal plot land
- tribunal voted in, 1 month term
- polling system
- + and - to move up or down
- stealth negatives on heavy armor? But STR counters it?
- stealth - no mob effect
- redo skills system to be like rpgparty?
- Axe - Cut/Bash damage
- some weapons give bonus to twirl attack
- beserk and defensive attacks
- cirpigvent armor weapons
- mag weapons - essence steal, magic damage
- have weapons/armor/sheilds break faster
- display toggle for elevation numbers
- halbred and spears that can cut
- ambient sounds
- walking sounds
- casting staffs with interchangable orbs
- short range blast spells like flame thrower
- long range spells with les effect/damage
- tools can be weapons
- set XP on monsters, not based on Level
- tracking signals or homing beacons on players
- muzzle timeout and list and work with player offline, works off client
- player renames change local files too
- right click on monster to get popup - attack, tame, assess, etc
- Fog/Rain/Snow/Sandstorm
- single space land rights
- mana well
- king of the hill
- wrap map
- pliers on jewelry has chance to get perfect back
- trade with self bug
- grayvyn fort spread
- put things in oven to cook them
- eat things to warp to special places, like a dream world
- split skills into levels
- specialty skills like Two-Weapon Style when base skill hits a point
- attribute requirements on usage
- world market
- containers can change items like a furnace smelts ore or oven bakes food
- containers can mix and combine items to make a new item: eggs/flour/water => dough
+ plants grow and die and spread
- meteor flashes the screen
- changing elevation changes water too
- whips - flail based
- journal
- hotkey to start external program or URL
- scripting on the client
- get rid of waterside.ini and underside.ini
- scribe skill to make scrolls with spells combos and knowledge nodes, etc
- variety images for items/monsters, like "Animation=20,21,22" or "Image=5,6,7"
- dream world or other dimensions
- warn when starving and try to cast?
- custom spell lists in spell tabs
- book of the dead and an undead army that chases it
- unique, one at a time items
- mix potions to get new potions
- equipting tames with armor and weapons
- underground plants
- water plants
- trap tool kit on invisible traps
- animated players
- drag items onto picplayertab to arm them, auto place item in a slot
- alpha blended lighting
- right click: tames, monsters, asses, self: magic effects, trade, etc
+ tames share XP with owner
+ climb required for certain surfaces, like sides of rocky mountains not by elevation
- varying sizes of gems, small, medum, large, etc
- metal alloys
- tempering
- oil and tar pits
- replace temp msg "your are cool", etc, with indicator
- invisible trap making
- elven bow/x-bow repairing
- clone tame spell
- repair spell
- finish off: ItemSpot_NOT_Player
- optimize result 3? : carry item qty update/change
- items sink under water
- use item data to set booby traps on any item with any effect type
- everything throwable using item#.bmp image
- knockback when hit by an attack
- if players dig far enough down to get water
- melee weapon with area of affect damage around player
- animated monster images
- item magic spell to make weapon elemental temp and perm
- item magic spell to give items skill bonuses temp and perm
- can jail mules, traders, tames that are on your land
- tribunal - rid unclaim
- /tametransfer  - needs limits
- hyper diamond armor - grind gems up, use on armor?
- use a special gem to take bonus off a weapon and get a quanth
- ore arrow heads
- bow strings
- golem fragments: 10 = 1 ore?
- different ores make different ore keys
- rearrange item order in inventory
+ marble ore
- admins can pick players up and move them
- admin names in different color: orange?
+ drinking too much potions, lessens the effect?
- wild mules for taming
- male herd animals that attack: rooster, ram, bull, etc


+ auto mining
+ isolated system text
+ insert key to pickup
+ hotkey using underneath
+ world fog
+ cast spell on a spot
- 1k burden with containers to get burden to zero
+ first aid spawn kill bug
+ edge view moving items
- tame commands? /tamerename ?
- bump over walls
- sell item spawn for gold
- cactus alchemy plant
- tame commands showing up in guild chat
- check tool quantity needed in all usage types
- pickpocket message showing up in MOD tab
- looking at trader, it brings up magic tab
- "cannot split single item"
- guild chat going to globals
- str potion doesn't help over burden
- when item comes up in view tab, bring it up in pickup sub-view
- no "trade" with self on right click
- mining brace bug: not surfacing
- fix weaver and cotton thread
- /tell <monster name> disable
- itemdef.dat edits for light
- secure trade - cancelled over and over bug
- taking gold off trader

- all players in party must be within 10 levels
- must be over level 5 to join
- all XP gained is shared including combat, magic, tradeskills, etc
- 50% of XP a person earns they keep, the rest given to other members... Maybe 100% put in pool? Tweakable
- other members given XP based on their level. Sum all levels up and use their level on the sum to ge a % that they get
- must be within a screens length or around 10 spaces else you can't move
- any member can invite a player
- any member can quit anytime
- death or exit world auto-quits, maybe if you resurrect close enough it doesn't quit or maybe you resurrect in middle of party

- air water map : 20x20 : raining flag, water
- ground water map
- wind to blow air water map around : shifts directions
- avg height map 20x20 : the higher the elevation, the less water moves over it or maybe it stops the rain?

Plant Growth
- reproduce : spreads fruit/seeds
- death
- growth factors: temp, water
- spacing : resources it steals around it, root system, sun
- ground water: plants take ground water
- weather : replenish ground water
- surface changes depending on water : grass grows/dies, dirt, sand

Reduce itemdef.dat on client
- send light and block out of itemdef.dat
- encrypt itemdef.dat?
- fill it with requests when needed to display it
- feilds needed on client:
 - ID, name
 - magicweapondamage

Multi-Item Bugs
+ items placed under walls
+ create warp stone fire bug
+ limit items in a spot to 1000
+ walk blocking items block stacking
- single fire of a trap
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Re: Old V2 Design Data
« Reply #1 on: March 28, 2015, 01:34:50 am »
I've always wanted a party system in this game...but:

- all players in party must be within 10 levels
- must be over level 5 to join
- all XP gained is shared including combat, magic, tradeskills, etc
- 50% of XP a person earns they keep, the rest given to other members... Maybe 100% put in pool? Tweakable
- other members given XP based on their level. Sum all levels up and use their level on the sum to ge a % that they get
- must be within a screens length or around 10 spaces else you can't move
- any member can invite a player
- any member can quit anytime
- death or exit world auto-quits, maybe if you resurrect close enough it doesn't quit or maybe you resurrect in middle of party

the yellows have issues that aren't really bad, but what if a few level 1's want to team up and take the elf fort?  should craft xp really be applied to a party?

the reds are just bad!  a mage hanging back a little to do buffs/heals might be more than 10 spaces away from the group, if s/he can't move and has crappy def(like most mages) they're going to die.  death shouldn't kick you from a party, you should still be in party but have to get back to the area to get xp...

also the team should have a leader, the team leader should be the only person who can invite, and should also be the basis of the 10 level range(5 higher or lower than team leader is max).
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Re: Old V2 Design Data
« Reply #2 on: May 15, 2015, 04:04:24 pm »
Well for party system i was thinking.  (this is Schalker,Saiyan,Sayien,Uderghad,ichikai)

kinda like guild exp system.

~can join at level 1
~exp would be gained like normal
~however 15% extra exp, no matter how many players in party.
~all extra exp would be put into a exp pool then instantly distributed between party members.

~have a couple options for exp distribution
a. completely shared
b.percentage shared   (party leaders choice)
c.exp based on level {
      say there was 2 members of said party. a level 10 and a level 30.
lv 30 would get 70% exp and the level 10 would get 30% exp.
recalculates for every exp kill.

d.level sync{
 when you join a party and sync. all members skills are capped at the highest skill of the lowest player, mana,life, and stam. however exp is a bit different   party exp total/players in party to players but before players gain said exp  it is calculated based on their level since they are synced down to the lowest member. so this type of party would promote low levels and high levels being able to train with each other.
exp for skills gained would also be multiplied with the level sync effect on.
60 second cool down for syncing , desyncing and resyncing.

e. exp banking{
     basically exp is saved in pool untill someone leaves the party, joins the party or until party is disbanded.

Offline uderghad

Re: Old V2 Design Data
« Reply #3 on: May 15, 2015, 04:42:38 pm »
also as for range of party before no xp, i think within the sector as later on its more effecient for ppl to kill in different 50x50 squares, than team kill the same mobs.  so if all members are in say sector 2 2 that should be fine. if 1 member is even one square out of sector tho there exp gains for the party and exp party gains to self are stopped until back in range.

Offline uderghad

Re: Old V2 Design Data
« Reply #4 on: May 15, 2015, 04:46:23 pm »
all npcs should be able to have 100 quests in the ini. that way all junk sellers could be combined , that way you dont have to drag and drop 1 item at a time. after grinding for a bit say on elfs. i dont wanna have to bring back 50+ elf ears and drag and drop 1 at a time. would be nice if it paid based on what i drop into the npc instead of 1 item per thing. or atleast make an option for that in the new sever ini. also would be nice to be able to in scripting check if a player has an item then take said item and directly create and drop things into players said inventory, instead of creating on ground, checking if on ground, then checking for uuid then moving to someones inventory.

Offline uderghad

Re: Old V2 Design Data
« Reply #5 on: May 15, 2015, 05:08:17 pm »

also make it so in the ini one can specify how much exp a monster gives based on 1 point of health.

would be nice to have drop to ground from mule as well. bags within bags would be cool too but calculate all weight.

make stealth gain exp based on scan fail lv of monster instead of based on player character lv. or atleast make it modifyable in world ini. or make it so all skill and items exp are settable per monster, per action.

in multiuse make it so fail exp can be turned on/or off for certain actions. for example if a lv 1 failed making a disterlery they cant just mass level from fail exp.

fix it so when something is forged, anything its datas are reset. or make it so each type of soemthing has a  different variable for each type of data.  like a door data 1~4 shouldnt be the same for armor and jewels.

make it so when ur stealthed you cannot trade with someone. how annoying is that when ur going into pvp and someone trade glitch attacks u. (granted you could turn of secure trades but thats an unnessary pain).

make it so there is a perk for being pk.  so say you do pk quest now you get +10% more exp from monsters or something. so there is an incentive for being pk.

make it so max exp gain per hit can be infinite or atleast in the billions instead of 32k

make a type of warp trap that could be used that warps in without a warp sound effect and warp animation. as if i was tying in quests with float maps.

fix traders to always show actual price set for an item without enchantment data effective price shown.

remove the ip limitation and character limitation. make it up to server admins in world ini
a.some people like to try and have alot of characters and promotes more gameplay suprizing amount of people like to multi why deny them , as they can still get around it with static ip or vpns easy.

b.make it so admins can choose clients=#  and characters=# in world ini

in the map editor make it so all tiles can be added, water/ caves etc.

make it so all surfaces are shown in /surface and dont put a cap on how much a admin can add.

make it so there is a cast last spell /g kinda thing with auto targeting and also with that make it so
its pvp toggable as well.

well thats all i can offer for now lol


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