Author Topic: Taking servers in a different direction?  (Read 5710 times)

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Re: Taking servers in a different direction?
« Reply #40 on: February 03, 2014, 11:09:42 am »
From my bad memory, the deltas use 20 real seconds per 1. Would have been better to use V-time but way back in 2001, who knows why I did it like that. V5 uses V-time tho :)

/item made items have the NotMovable flag set since admins most of the time are making quests and need stuff that way. Same thing for degrade, the NoDegrade flag is set. I think /itemdegrade and /itemmovable will toggle the flags.

Screen corruption might be itemdef.dat files out of sync on server/client.
Or an item has out of sync location data: it is on the item map but it's data says someplace else. Server restart, I think, fixes this.

And I would only use ItemID numbers when you have items of the same name.
I would mark those lines like:
Code: [Select]
Itemfocus=1324   ::: cypress;
Using the ::: tells the ini reader code to ignore whatever is after it, like a comment.
Using just numbers on everything makes the .ini unreadable unless you using an editor program.
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Re: Taking servers in a different direction?
« Reply #41 on: February 07, 2014, 10:42:45 am »
Yeah, I don't even enter the item numbers. My editor uses an un-compiled format, storing each item in its own file. When I compile the data, it goes through each "active" entity and adds it to the item.ini, adding the item number as it goes. It then parses through the other ini files, updating the item number as needed. Still has a few bugs and I'm honestly losing steam on this already. The more I play with this stuff, the more I think "Why don't I just get back to my own game?". Then I remember what a pain it was dealing with multiplayer and I ended up not doing anything with either.


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