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Re: Classic RPGWO
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Yes, I do. Have I think a few screenshots in here from those times and included.

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Re: Classic RPGWO
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Everyone's favourite lie courtesy of Rosewing

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Hi all,
Since the war fix update two days ago, I have not been able to go to war, the war command is not working, I hope it is fixed today. However, we have started war with The Coalition and The Mystic Knights with our pk'ers. I will set war as soon as the command works. The object of the war is to put down the bullies and smack talkers in those guilds, and we will war until they are hurt very badly and stop their misdeeds and bad mouths. Ursus already pk'd Chronolink and made him run and warp because he was dying, then Ursus went after Renegade Knight, and pk'd him, Renegade also ran when he was dying. Both Chrono and Renegade have now quit the Mystic Knights. Zeno already killed daegan last night, and another Mystic member twice. They have no idea just how powerful we really are, but they are finding out fast. For those of you lower level, you can stay away from town and keep a low profile if you wish. However I expect everybody to support our war effort and either fight or help heal or stam others in combat or whatever. They have almost nothing but below level 30 and level 20 left, and a few above level 30. There will be plenty of them to kill for everyone, show no mercy and hit hard. The Pyr8 guild is also our ally, so The Real Axeman and Rin II are fighting on our side. The main targets are Echidna, Everlast, Mind, Beast, Conclair, Daegan (kill daegan with extreme predjudice), Nick Blaze, and any other coaltion or mystic knight members you see. If Chronolink or renegade Knight return to Mystic, we will get them also, and our higher levels will take them easily, we have that covered. You can type /guild in game to see our current war status at any time. We also need members with alchemy to make vamp pots. We are already winning this war, and we haven't even been able to declare guild war yet and show them just how strong we really are. This is a war about justice, and justice will be ours.
wow just looking through this ..... i was actually mentioned in that .....the part of zeno killing deagan

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Re: Classic RPGWO
« Reply #482 on: November 25, 2020, 10:46:09 am »
Yes, I do. Have I think a few screenshots in here from those times and included.

Would love to see one or two if you have them. I think I was an admin at one point? not that it was almost 20 years ago or anything


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