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Yey for newb mods on luny!
« on: October 23, 2005, 05:00:20 pm »
Got rid of some private convos, but thats it

garfield is the newb mod

04:18.39 : Neoge III globals:  is UT on a secret account? I would like my perks activated lmao
04:18.56 : You are warm.
04:18.59 : Garfield globals:  MOTD 0 : to get perks activated READ rule 17  
04:19.05 : Garfield globals:  newbs cant read
04:19.32 : Ratith IV globals:  07:17.09 : You are now level 18
04:19.38 : Garfield globals:  ok my bad some newbs can read and the rest cant read
04:19.43 : Faran globals:  grats
04:19.51 : Ken tells you: where are you?
04:20.03 : Nik globals:  ty garfield =]
04:20.13 : Neoge III globals:  acually, I can, and since I came from ST, the rules aren't iunforced, sorry, and I'm no newb
04:20.15 : Aetos globals:     Rule #1 : New Player (newb/noob) bashing/insulting will NOT be tolerated in any shape or form. Excessive insulting also will not be tolerated. Neither will any crude language. Penalties will be swift and severe.
04:20.32 : Garfield globals:  you going to tell me what i can and cant do
04:20.51 : Only One global message per 90 seconds allowed (54 seconds left)
04:20.59 : Garfield globals:  well if you guys would read
04:21.04 : Garfield globals:  and pay attention
04:21.17 : Garfield globals:  and also listen to us mods and admins
04:21.22 : Ratith IV has left the world.
04:21.24 : Ratith IV has entered the world.
04:21.35 : Garfield globals:  things would be alot easier
04:21.37 : Ebadoba has left the world.
04:21.38 : Nik globals:  *tells garfield what he/she can and can't do*
04:21.44 : Dolor has entered the world.
04:21.59 : Aetos globals:  it would also be easier if the ignorant mods followed the rules as well
04:22.11 : Scipo has entered the world.
04:22.13 : You killed Mud Golem.
04:22.20 : You killed Giant Skunk.
04:22.24 : Neoge III globals:  abusing powers isn't nice
04:22.31 : You killed Giant Skunk.
04:22.38 : You killed Mud Golem.
04:22.45 : You killed Mud Golem.
04:22.48 : Ken tells you: where are you?
04:22.53 : Garfield globals:  well hmmm lets see its put right there as soon as you log in and you dont even pay attention
04:22.54 : Venbred globals:  The mods on here are far from ignorant, if you want to know what ignorant mods are, go see how they are on Phobos
04:22.56 : You killed Mud Golem.
04:22.58 : Artel has entered the world.
04:22.59 : You killed Spitting Cobra.
04:23.02 : You are warm.
04:23.03 : You killed Spitting Cobra.
04:23.08 : You killed Spitting Cobra.
04:23.09 : Nik globals:  I agree with Venbred
04:23.10 : Ashton Mayberry globals:  how true...
04:23.16 : Garfield globals:  venbred is right
04:23.26 : Ken has left the world.
04:23.27 : Ken has entered the world.
04:23.52 : Garfield globals:  but lately i have had to be more men because of phobos players coming on and trying to run the place
04:24.02 : Neoge III globals:  and you think everyone in this server reads all the rules as soon as they log on? I haven;t done that for the 2 yrs I've played
04:24.05 : Aetos globals:  they are ignorant because everyone that plays that server is usually bantards from the other servers and they are usually complete rejects.
04:24.05 : Garfield globals:  mean
04:24.10 : Faran globals:  needing a ure smith, /t me
04:25.00 : Quenton has left the world.
04:25.02 : Garfield globals:   neoge please do not go around the filter or change words like that
04:25.11 : You broke Brigand Captain's Small Wood Shield!!!
04:25.14 : You killed Brigand Captain.
04:25.15 : Garfield globals:  also try and refrain from it lol
04:25.18 : You broke Brigand Captain's Small Wood Shield!!!
04:25.21 : You killed Brigand Captain.
04:25.33 : Neoge III globals:  Around the filter? I haven;t said anything with cuss 0_o
04:25.38 : Garfield globals:  i will let you off with a warning
04:25.39 : Walter has entered the world.
04:25.54 : Aetos globals:  he didnt avoid any filter if you would read
04:26.02 : Ken globals:  what are you talkin bout he hasnt gone around a filter
04:26.03 : Walter has left the world.
04:26.13 : Garfield globals:  we  try not to say stuff like you did because lil kids play here
04:26.15 : Quenton has entered the world.
04:26.24 : Kira globals:  Like who did?
04:26.36 : Global chat timeout set to 200 seconds
04:26.46 : Ashton Mayberry globals:  doesn't it say in the EULA that it is best that only those who are 18 or older play this game?
04:26.58 : Only One global message per 200 seconds allowed (26 seconds left)
04:27.00 : Viscous Uparen killed Ratith IV.
04:27.02 : Venbred has left the world.
04:27.05 : Akkarin has entered the world.
04:27.07 : You are warm.
04:27.08 : Ratith IV globals:  oww
04:27.11 : Garfield globals:  yes but thats not the case  aston
04:27.18 : Nik globals:  nope I'm 16 =]
04:27.30 : Vand has entered the world.
04:27.42 : Dolor globals:  can somebody do masonry for me for a second?
04:27.52 : Aetos globals:  dont worry garfield, ut will shortly hear all about how abusive you are being with your powers.
04:28.04 : Garfield globals:  i know of 10 years old that play
04:28.13 : Neoge III globals:  Garfield I'm not lettin you get away with this, I said nothing with cussing whatsoever, so stop sayin a did
04:28.17 : Garfield globals:  aetos ut knows me
04:28.23 : Ken globals:  ok whoa lets backup here garfield when you were yelling at neoge for goin around the filter what did he say?
04:28.24 : Riseken has entered the world.
04:28.29 : Only One global message per 200 seconds allowed (162 seconds left)
04:28.41 : Scipo globals:  *sings a happy song*
04:29.37 : Knil has entered the world.
04:29.51 : Turematsu has entered the world.
04:29.56 : Knil globals:  hello everyone, how are you al lthis afternoon?
04:30.07 : Garfield globals:  and yes the word he said is a filtered word he just went around it
04:30.14 : Ashton Mayberry globals:  10-year olds shouldn't be playing this game, it says that there is adult content in the EULA.
04:30.15 : Riseken has left the world.
04:30.32 : Ratith IV globals:  07:27.13 : Ratith IV hits scipo in the head
04:30.32 : Vand globals:  isnt everything u guys saying non rp related? lol
04:30.50 : Nik globals:  it sur eis lol
04:30.53 : Korvin has left the world.
04:31.12 : You are warm.
04:31.35 : Aetos globals:  it also says you can get parental permission
04:31.35 : Garfield has left the world.
04:31.40 : Garfield has entered the world.
04:31.44 : Ken globals:  garfield what in gods name are you talkin bout im reading my logs and i dont see anything about him bypassing the filters
04:31.55 : You ready Wood Wand
04:31.55 : The Wood Wand has 86% use left.
04:32.06 : Garfield globals:  hold on im checking to make sure it was him
04:32.10 : Leon globals:  I need a oven??? Blacksmith wanna make one?
04:32.14 : Neoge III globals:  He got off, and I didn't /t him either, he /t me
04:32.20 : Garfield has left the world.
04:32.21 : Garfield has entered the world.
04:32.41 : Scipo globals:  there should be a auto-siege that destory everything in town
04:32.42 : Ashton Mayberry has left the world.
04:32.43 : You ready Silver Great Axe
04:32.43 : The Silver Great Axe has 40% use left.
04:32.44 : You broke Brigand Captain's Small Wood Shield!!!
04:32.45 : Ashton Mayberry has entered the world.
04:32.47 : You killed Brigand Captain.
04:32.52 : Gregg has left the world.
04:32.52 : You broke Brigand's Small Wood Shield!!!
04:32.54 : MANARENEWAL has expired.
04:32.56 : You killed Brigand.
04:33.03 : You broke Brigand Captain's Small Wood Shield!!!
04:33.07 : You killed Brigand Captain.
04:33.10 : Alinar has entered the world.
04:33.14 : Only One global message per 200 seconds allowed (101 seconds left)
04:33.18 : You killed Mud Golem.
04:33.21 : You killed Mud Golem.
04:33.25 : You broke Brigand Captain's Small Wood Shield!!!
04:33.32 : You killed Brigand Captain.
04:33.39 : You killed Mud Golem.
04:33.40 : Only One global message per 200 seconds allowed (75 seconds left)
04:33.43 : You broke Brigand Captain's Small Wood Shield!!!
04:33.48 : Ebadoba has entered the world.
04:33.50 : You killed Brigand Captain.
04:33.53 : Garfield globals:  my bad it was aetos
04:34.05 : Alinar has left the world.
04:34.11 : Only One global message per 200 seconds allowed (45 seconds left)
04:34.11 : You killed Vile Elf.
04:34.30 : Ashton Mayberry globals:  wtf! it is filtered on this server!
04:34.38 : Only One global message per 200 seconds allowed (17 seconds left)
04:34.54 : Your Missle Defense is now 154 . 7668 XP till next raise.
04:35.02 : Aetos globals:  hey garfield... stop cussing people out and calling them names through /t.... a mod isnt supposed to do that.... and i didnt evade any filte
04:35.17 : You are warm.
04:35.17 : Target too far!
04:35.18 : You killed Vile Elf.
04:35.21 : Target too far!
04:35.25 : You killed Vile Elf.
04:35.32 : Target too far!
04:35.33 : You killed Vile Elf.
04:35.36 : Neoge III globals:  ok, no offense, but maybe you should pay attention to the globals, instead of me having to check through what I did
04:35.40 : Garfield globals:  see aston seen its filterd also
04:35.42 : You killed Vile Elf.
04:36.07 : Garfield globals:   and i called no one names in /t's
04:36.14 : Kira has left the world.
04:36.19 : Ratith IV globals:  gtg cya all l8r
04:36.26 : Ratith IV has left the world.
04:36.32 : Garfield globals:  i thought what you said aetos was him is all
04:36.41 : Garfield globals:  i did not muzzle him or anything
04:36.48 : Ken globals:  wow u are way in over your head garfield aetos and neoge have done NOTHING wrong
04:37.15 : Garfield globals:  he avoided filtier by changeing his word
04:38.06 : Ashton Mayberry globals:  isn't that word also the term for an illegitimate child, and a type of sword? And an anime series?
04:38.12 : Your Missle Defense is now 155 . 8164 XP till next raise.
04:38.26 : Aetos globals:  hmm.. i just looked at my global up there.. looks like all i did was global Rule # 1?
04:38.36 : Target too far!
04:38.41 : You killed Vile Elf.
04:38.56 : Neoge III globals:  17:28.43 : Garfield tells you: you went to say !@#$ all i asked was you refrain from it 17:28.56 : Garfield tells you: bas tard... YOU avoided it that time, even if it is in /t so you DID /t me
04:38.57 : Garfield globals:  nope it was about phobos
04:39.12 : Ebadoba has left the world.
04:39.22 : You are warm.
04:39.27 : Garfield globals:  thats the word he  switched fto from refraining from the filter
04:39.44 : Imp killed Neoge III.
04:40.39 : Only One global message per 200 seconds allowed (67 seconds left)
04:40.46 : Garfield globals:  it doesnt look like it to me and probaly wont from any other mod
04:41.24 : @Admin Blaze has entered the world.
04:41.40 : Vand has left the world.
04:41.49 : Ashton Mayberry globals:  I've had enough of this bullcrap about that word.  Peace out!
04:41.54 : @Admin Blaze globals:  Everyone lay off Garfield.
04:42.03 : Ead has entered the world.
04:42.04 : Ashton Mayberry has left the world.
04:42.21 : @Admin Blaze globals:  He is doing his job he did not ban or muzzle anyone.
04:42.49 : Ead globals:  buying major str pots
04:42.57 : @Admin Blaze globals:   because evryone is getting out of hand .
04:42.58 : Ken globals:  but he is cussing ppl out in /t's and abuseing his powers and yelling at ppl for NO  reason
04:43.22 : @Admin Blaze globals:  no he isnt everything was not showen what he said i seen it so calm down
04:43.28 : You are warm.
04:43.53 : Neoge III globals:  sorry, I don't know much of what's going on anymore, it's all out of whack... I have no clue what he meant by he didn't /tell anyone cuz he did it to me 0_o
04:44.03 : @Admin Blaze globals:  aetoes and ken and neoge i seen him typing it all out  just drop it
04:44.21 : @Admin Blaze globals:  the global was raised to make you calm down he didnt raise it i did
04:44.45 : Aetos globals:  K ill stop with the globals and talk to ut personally about this.. anyways could you at least get rid of the 200 seconds heh
04:44.48 : Krad has entered the world.
04:45.43 : @Admin Blaze globals:   he didnt muzzle or ban anyone i will talk to ut about it we do not hear that word over here so it is a new one to us we are more roleplaying  here then slang words
04:46.08 : Only One global message per 200 seconds allowed (116 seconds left)
04:46.28 : Nik has left the world.
04:47.33 : You are warm.
04:47.34 : Neoge III globals:  wait, one question... did he say bantard? Does that not mean Banned person? Oooh, slang might count as it then
04:47.48 : @Admin Blaze globals:  i told him to quit talking because you guys will not calm down and let him explin stuff he was a mod form old luny and is a good mod you proably  made him mad by twisting some stuff around  just bare with him
04:48.02 : @Admin Blaze globals:  yes neoge we dont know that word on muny
04:48.07 : @Admin Blaze globals:  luny
04:48.22 : @Admin Blaze globals:  he thought the same as what i thought he said at first
04:48.24 : Dolor has died.
04:48.31 : Aetos globals:  well it was more of him twisting stuff around, but meh.. /g Oh and by the way, bantard isnt avoiding the filter, it is a common word used all over the internet that refers to a banned person. Look it up sometime
04:48.34 : Knil globals:  umm.... yeah im lost... umm can we jsut drop it? the mods on luny are good guys... dont worry bout it
04:48.45 : @Admin Blaze globals:  he would have global muzzled before anything
04:48.57 : @Admin Blaze globals:  but he did not muzzle any one or ban any one
04:49.05 : @Admin Blaze globals:  so let it go
04:49.12 : @Admin Blaze globals:  thats all im asking

hmm..... garfield newb bashes, disobeys the rules, /t people cussing them out, then lying about it, etc..... can anyone else agree this is a sucky mod? oh yeah then gets blaze to help him out, some admin whom ive asked several people who he was, and noone knows... where the hell does ut get these people? (NO UT BASHING PLEASE)

I would give out my msn messages but i dont think some people would like that, but they contain logs of Garfield /t'ing cussing them out and etc.... then saying he didnt do it.. cant wait til UT gets ahold of these logs.. i want this newb GONE.... hopefully no more like him will show up... anyways i just put this here to show you how pathetic some mods can be  and if anyone wants to help get rid of him, get on luny and complain to ut... (Aetos for Admin!)

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Yey for newb mods on luny!
« Reply #1 on: October 23, 2005, 09:45:18 pm »
Said it before and I'll say it again.
Mods are a bad idea.

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Yey for newb mods on luny!
« Reply #2 on: October 23, 2005, 11:03:30 pm »
I am starting to agree...
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Yey for newb mods on luny!
« Reply #3 on: October 24, 2005, 01:13:27 am »
THat's the worst mod i've ever seen. Not only his behaviour but a bunch of n00bs on there thinking Phobos is for reject RPGWO players, they probably never played a day there in their lives. (And that @admin Blaze or w/e is a bit retarded as well)

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Re:Jew Tee ( From: TheUnderTaker )
and your a bigger twat now than before now tiger off and leave me alne you turtle ass tigerer
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Yey for newb mods on luny!
« Reply #4 on: October 24, 2005, 03:50:09 pm »
i didnt say all people on phobos were rejects ;) i like the server, i just dont like most of the people on it. heh  and it was mostly saying the mods on phobos are rejects.. I used to have a few friends on phobos before i quit... but meh... and to Stormy : Mods aren't that bad of an idea if the admins would learn how to pick the right ones, not pick noobs that have no idea what the hell they are doing. @Admin is a bad idea.. they are almost completely pointless... just a mod, except non-player and can warp. Maybe an update for them to have a tad more power.. I dunno, whatever.. as long as they know what they are doing I am fine.

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Yey for newb mods on luny!
« Reply #5 on: October 24, 2005, 04:17:45 pm »
I totaly agree with Muffin Man Garfield is a newb mod there was a bit on the end of that log that muffin man missed but it wasnt extremly important it just included @admin blaze defending garfield even more because he knew garfield had been wrong the whole time and he just kept digging in deeper and making it worse lol a mod should be familliar with all the terms used and know how to do their job properly while he was yelling at us for telling him how to do his job properly he missed somebody avoiding the filter hmm doesnt that tell ya something i said that same thing (wtf) a couple days earlier and got muzzled for it then when i was un muzzled @admin blaze came on and muzzled me again for no reason at all dont ya think thats a little power trippin there, then when i was doing a quest he came in and interfeared and totaly messed it up for me i could go on and on about complaints about these 2 ppl but im not gonna.  I think that @admin is a useless position all they are is a mod with the ability to ban up to 7 days and the can warp and stealth (which isnt a good idea because they abuse it like i showed to you) UT i think you really need to re-think your mod and admin choice

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Yey for newb mods on luny!
« Reply #6 on: October 24, 2005, 04:21:57 pm »
lol the newb thought that bantard was a re-word for bastard lmao

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Yey for newb mods on luny!
« Reply #7 on: October 24, 2005, 04:38:21 pm »
Wow.. thats just turtle.
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Yey for newb mods on luny!
« Reply #8 on: October 24, 2005, 06:54:24 pm »
I was the main guy there getting blamed
I am Neoge III, I'm not a newb 0_o

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Yey for newb mods on luny!
« Reply #9 on: October 24, 2005, 08:02:14 pm »
Yea that was BS.. someone needs to review their mods.
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Yey for newb mods on luny!
« Reply #10 on: October 24, 2005, 08:41:32 pm »
its funny when i tell him that ut will be hearing how sucky of a mod he is, then his reply is "aetos I know UT"... well NO FRICKIN CRAP... god ut hires nothing but frickin IDIOTS.....

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Yey for newb mods on luny!
« Reply #11 on: October 24, 2005, 09:51:33 pm »
Yes i think Muffin Man and i should run Luny we seem to know how do do the admins and mods jobs better then they do


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