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RPGWO Chat / Enceladus!
« on: July 10, 2020, 08:16:21 pm »
New server! Rework from Desolation we did a year and some change ago. Lots of new content and fixes. Noob friend with bonus exp for being PK. Potentially balanced economy! Come play!

RPGWO Chat / New pvp server - Desolation
« on: February 25, 2019, 12:56:53 pm »
Basic info

- Completely new ini from scratch.
- New monster images with new stats and loot tables
- New weapon images and balancing
- Lots of new content to explore and do
- Redone stats on weapons and defs, also changed starting skill points. This will play a major roll on the server.

New features

- Pvp protection under level 20
- Non stealing. But items on death become movable after 10 seconds.
- Balanced economy
- Two characters per account. (this is to balance the trade skill difficulty and semi curve the want for players to make two accounts with vpn or what have you.)
- Heavily changed the way fighting and trade skills work. Should force a better economy. Not to say some one couldnt play solo for those who chose.

                 There are plenty of other things. Not going to get into them all but this is just an idea. Come play!
                 Side note:    Server wont have admins. Will be hosted on Algs machine. Any update work that needs to be done after launch will be sent to him and implemented.
                                    Witch means players will need to respect the rules in place and police your selfs. We are all adults now act like it

Server credit: Soapy - for your endless hours of ini's,  Also balancing and ideas!
                     Permachill -  Also for your late night ini work and google dopigent work!! Also balancing and Ideas!           
                     Tommy -  #5amwearimages   the real MVP!
                     Myself - Images and wear images. Balancing work and ideas.
                     Shout out to the rpgwo Discord community for ideas and support! If you guys haven't joined the discord yet i heavily recommend it!
                                                 Link to discord channel.

Should open some time this week!

RPGWO Chat / Hex - Reborn
« on: July 14, 2018, 03:24:59 pm »
Launching a v2 based off the original Hex files. NOT HEXED.
Back to original skills, No weapon grouping.
Complete quest/towns/ original hex item content and monster INI.
For everyone who enjoyed hex and want an rpgwo server thats finished product instead of the crap thats been put out lately. Just waiting on mickey to add to server list to launch.

Also i have nothing to do with admin and or host. Just posting to build hype.

« on: August 19, 2017, 08:52:27 pm »
The server is ALWAYS having issues, every night, every day. I dont get it. Mount that on the client issues people are having its like come on...

RPGWO V3 / A quick fix
« on: August 09, 2017, 06:27:23 pm »
I know you didnt seem to like the idea, but IMO along with many other players in rpgwo. You should increase the spawn sizes. Tigger ran around for the better half of 30 mins and found like 5 packs of mobs. its insane. Phobos has it right, LARGE central groups in the middle of a 50x50. Turned it into a fun monster bash. Also can lead to a rough time if the mobs help friend or help species. So its not all fun and games but you get my point. To few mobs, exspecialy if your hunting for certain items.

RPGWO V3 / Mickey V3 issue
« on: July 28, 2017, 10:59:00 am »
To save this server before it gets off the ground can you please make it one character per account?

RPGWO V3 / My Thoughts. V3
« on: June 27, 2017, 01:41:24 pm »
You think just because no ones testing that we arent keeping up to date or lost interest your wrong. I personally am not much for testing games ill say that. But i have been keeping up to date via forums and chats with friends like Jaster Reylu.

Here are some ways i think you could strongly improve this new V3.

1) Work on economy. This means make sure theres gold leaving the world. Also that gold isnt to easly obtained. This will only add value to everything that cost alot of money. (guilds, lands, token purchases, trader bought items). I think one way you can do this is raise cost of guild maintenance fees, guild cost, and guild claims or wars. Make it so guilds can claim further plots then just one. (Ill cover some other ideas for guilds later).

Token purchases for EL tools or pluses to items ect are another good way to insure money leaves the server. Now for god sake dont start adding quanthsiths and stuff to this list. That only devalues these items that fighters have to work so hard to obtain. But with some brain storming you could come up with some real clever and nice ideas.

Implement a free for normal land claims, dosent have to be great. But could work well with your multiple land claim idea with gradual land cost increase. the gold can be withdrawn from players inventory say once a week on a set date or something? Can go into the negatives untill a set amount then the players lose there land?

2) Guilds    Boy were do i even start. Guild exp is a broken and cheap system thats been grossly abused for far to long. ways to fix this are simple. A) remove  B) make it so exp dosent build when guilds are in the negative. Further more on option b, make it so exp can roll over past one level. So people who work hard to put exp in the pools arent in the mind set that exp is a crutch on there character, because everyone whos in a guild is getting exp.
Now alot of you will say well make me rank 0, give the guild to a tradesmen ect blah blah. Well on to my next point. Make exp even split between numbers no mater.Make it scale the same, so more players higher % ect. But no mater your rank you get 1/10th for 10 members so forth so on. Some of you might think this would devalue guild ranks, and you would be right if i wasent about to make my next point. Guild ranks are currently meaningless. Now to fix this you should make the ability for each rank to do different things.
Rank 1 Deposit, No guild land access
Rank 2 Deposit, Guild land rights
Rank 3 Deposit, Invite players, Land access
Rank 4 Deposit, invite players, land access, Can demote players 3 and below
Rank 5 Deposit, invite, access, WITHDRAW, Can demote and kick players 4 and below
Rank 6 Deposit, invite, access, WITHDRAW, Can demote and kick players 5 and below, can kick players 5 and below
Rank 7 Deposit, invite, access, WITHDRAW, Can demote and kick players 6 and below, can kick players 6 and below, can claim guild land (multiple plots)
Rank 8 Deposit, invite, access, WITHDRAW, Can demote and kick players 7 and below,  can kick players 7 and below, can claim guild land (multiple plots)
Rank 9 All rights of guild leader minus dis ban guild or demote/kick rank 10.
Rank 10 Complete control of guild.

Now on to other things to aid a guild. Perks to going guild war. Say you put a soft cap on spells like hero or stat buffs or renewels. Well any member of a guild currently enabled in war can go from a cap of say 40 with hero 4 to 50 with hero 5. So guessing the player can cast the spells, but can only use if they are participating in war. Dosent mean they have to be at war. The guild leaders can simple pay the fee to enable war and have access to said perks. The bonus cant be such a jump to where it makes it absurd. Given most of these spells should take a higher end player to cast anyways. Im open to any ideas about how to further fix guilds. But thats just my imput. Also to touch on guild ranks further. Further rank you are, higher cost to stay in guild. But being a higher rank would mean you are of more value to your guild in one way shape or form, not saying the fee has to be unreasonable but it should be a difference.

And for gods sake finish the guild tab. So players can see members in there guild and easly kick/remove. Maybe even add a deposit box at the bottem so players can type an amount and it withdraws from inventory.

Should attempt to add a guild token system so guild leaders who obtain large amounts of money in there guild banks can spend there wealth. Not sure how you could do this, but always open for a brain storm.

RPGWO 2 / Primordia
« on: June 25, 2016, 02:38:21 pm »
New server based off Roarions Future files. This server is not a modern server. It has magic, magic def, monsters and much more. It also includes many new systems Roarion him self thought of for Refinery (smithing) and WEAPONS/ARMOR being able to upgrade threw a capsule system. Come and enjoy all new images for weapons armor and monsters!!

RPGWO 2 / Mickey??
« on: February 19, 2016, 01:32:57 pm »
I was thinking you should put up a working v2 progressive fixed exp. Something people can play? Steeltide died out quick and nothing els is active. There is a decent community still trying to play this game.

RPGWO Chat / Mickey Steeltide help
« on: October 13, 2015, 05:49:30 pm »
Well as the thread says, Mickey steeltide needs alittle bit of TLC from you, Can you add a useable artifact anvil to claye in 3,3 for communal use. Also raise Giga potion duration to 25mins ish?

RPGWO Chat / Rpgwo 2015
« on: April 11, 2015, 10:02:12 am »
[10:59:32 AM] Eddie: hi
[10:59:35 AM] Eddie: boys
[10:59:38 AM] Martin Dravien: Why you mad bro?
[10:59:50 AM] Martin Dravien: Seriously, Why cant you take competition?
[10:59:53 AM] Martin Dravien: Is it too much for you?
[10:59:59 AM] Joshua Loucks: competition?
[11:00:06 AM] Joshua Loucks: the kid macroed defs until 4am or later
[11:00:10 AM] Joshua Loucks: that not competition bro
[11:00:11 AM] Martin Dravien: Did he?
[11:00:12 AM] Joshua Loucks: that's ghawkgy
[11:00:15 AM] Martin Dravien: Does it hurt you?
[11:00:16 AM] Joshua Loucks: hawkgy
[11:00:20 AM] Joshua Loucks: also what competition
[11:00:21 AM] Martin Dravien: Does it change your life at all?
[11:00:24 AM] Joshua Loucks: kids in items I gave him
[11:00:30 AM] Martin Dravien: You are a kid.
[11:00:35 AM] Joshua Loucks: see you kids later
[11:00:38 AM] Martin Dravien: And you act like one
[11:00:43 AM] Martin Dravien: All too often
[11:00:47 AM] Martin Dravien: get off your tigering high horse
[11:00:49 AM] Martin Dravien: stop tigering crying
[11:00:50 AM] Joshua Loucks: a kid? I don't play rpgwo for kids to cheat and break the rules. that's not enjoyable
[11:00:56 AM] Martin Dravien: IF you cant take losing
[11:00:57 AM] Joshua Loucks: that's not being a kid
[11:00:59 AM] Martin Dravien: then go play something else.
[11:00:59 AM] Joshua Loucks: thats just not fun
[11:01:02 AM] Martin Dravien: and grow the tiger up
[11:01:04 AM] Eddie: Point is, you're quitting because I'm doing something Roarion knows and doesn't care about, which you know about
[11:01:09 AM] Eddie: Idk how this is something new brah

RPGWO 2 / Future!
« on: April 02, 2015, 05:36:08 pm »
Every one who is interested in something all new and different. With a deep economy that forces fighters to work with traders and difficult game play. Come join us! Half pk world! All new images for monsters/weapons/armor and walls!

Shadow 3
- V1 style mostly do to bumping abuse on V2
- Same phobos/shadow we all loved
- Just a pk server for those of us who want the option

               Come Enjoy!!

RPGWO Chat / Phantasy
« on: December 06, 2012, 11:42:09 am »
What do you mean try back in a few DAYS???

RPGWO Chat / Lumeria
« on: November 01, 2012, 10:57:47 am »
Not a bad little server, dedicated single person staff, truly. Seems to be doing an ok job, Open to ideas and criticism. Come play

RPGWO Chat / What is going on with rpgwo.
« on: October 17, 2012, 10:46:21 pm »
Mickey we need you to do something meaningful to rpgwo. the server selection right now is sad friend. Saints server is posibly the worse then ever listed, and the other servers dead. V2 isent right with monesters so mybe throw up a v1 for us? idk

RPGWO Chat / All RPGWO servers are currently down.
« on: September 11, 2012, 10:57:35 am »
So once again rpgwo has no rpgwo server for its dedicated players to logg into. Not healthy for the already deminishing population.

RPGWO 2 / Desolation
« on: August 13, 2012, 12:43:26 pm »
Well it's been awhile sense i posted something about Desolation and we are at a few stuck points. Mark is gone out of the picture now so its just Vicious and myself. We are trying to deside on Stealing or no stealing? And tame rooms or no. Please voice your opinion here. Keep in mind players are limited to 1 character per account. 1 plot per account. If those effect your judgment in anyway idk. Also ill be posting some SS of our progress on monsters ect for you

RPGWO Chat / Rebirth level 11
« on: April 27, 2012, 09:43:02 pm »

RPGWO Chat / Desolation - Pk server
« on: October 13, 2011, 04:28:55 pm »
Hi everyone its Gimpy, if you dont know me your prolly better off. But anyways me and a few other oldies threw our heads togeather and are putting togeather a pk server. Wont release much info about it becouse that will just kill alot of the thrill. Pk should be alot less broken. Come and join us if youd wish if not thats kool also. Release date should be about 2 weeks from now but posibly sooner depending.    This server will be ran by alg, and side help from tai lung when he has time off from school, Thes will be the only staff members. Rules here will be very lose so its not intended for kids. Enjoy!


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