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I don't know how many of you visit, but if you don't you might want to try this.

Read this First, to understand whats going on:

01|08|2008 2:42 pm EDT
Domain Registrar Network Solutions Front Running On Whois Searches

by Adam Strong in Categories: Featured

A story is developing regarding domain name registrar Network Solutions front running domains. According to multiple sources on, it appears that domains searched via NSI are being purchased by the registrar thereby preventing a registrant from purchasing it at any other registrar other than NSI. As an example, a random domain which DNN searches such as can be seen in this whois search to now be unavailable to register at other registrars but at NSI it can be purchased

The whois contact now says :

    Registrant: Make this info private
    This Domain is available at
    13681 Sunrise Valley Drive, Suite 300
    HERNDON, VA 20171

The domains are likely being purchased and held in NSI ownership until the potential registrant comes back to purchase the name through NSI. If the purchase is not made at NSI within 5 days, NSI uses the same 5 day grace period that domain tasting operations use and they delete the domain. Once a search for a domain is conducted at NSI the domain name is registered and only available to be purchased by a registrant at NSI. It is not clear if NSI has increased prices on domains that have received multiple whois searches and that they are front running.

NSI also apparently has no problem taking over control of trademark domains using this practice as well. Searches for names such as and all appear as registered now by NSI and only available for purchase at NSI.

Front running domain names is a bold move by any registrar as it breaks a certain level of trust that the general public places in using a whois search. ICANN SSAC has conducted a “study” on front running recently in which they wrote “ICANN’s Registrar Accreditation Agreement and Registry Agreements do not expressly prohibit registrars and registries from monitoring and collecting WHOIS query of domain name availability query data and either selling this information or using it directly,” Warehousing domains in order to sell them to “potentially interested parties” isn’t specifically forbidden in the registrar contract with ICANN but is addressed in points 3.7.9 and 4.2.5 of the contract in which they leave room for new rules or revisions to the contract. In a quick look search it appears that other registries have addressed this issue. As an example, the SGNIC for example has a contract that expressly addresses this issue.

    it shall not engage in and shall prohibit bulk access to Registrant’s data, warehousing of or speculation in Domain Names, and shall implement any policies SGNIC may from time to time prescribe to prohibit or restrict such activities. Without limiting the generality of the foregoing, Registrar shall not (i) submit any application for the registration, renewal, transfer, modification or cancellation of a Domain Name registration or any other request or transaction relating thereto purportedly on behalf of any Person when it is not in fact so authorized, or on behalf of a non-existent Person; (ii) acpigulate or warehouse Domain Name registrations with which Registrar or such Person has no reasonable connection, for the purpose of removing them from availability for others, transferring them for immediate or deferred direct or indirect gain or profit or for any other reason whatsoever, nor shall it knowingly participate in any such undertaking.

This is a compleatly asshole like thing to do, as people should not be forced to buy from networksolutions, just for using their whois search.

People around the web have decided to tiger the company money by searching pointless 20+ letter long domains.

Give it a try.

Create some yourself and post them here.
Make them hilarious.

Some of the domains I have registered:

General Chat / My New Avatar
« on: January 06, 2008, 08:35:43 pm »
Check out my new avatar. Its pretty funny.

RPGWO 2 / More people on server
« on: January 06, 2008, 08:45:00 pm »
1. I'm exactly sure about this, because I haven't played in a while, but I believe a RPGWO servers have a limit of 100 people on one server.

I suggest that there should be only 1 or 2 servers and they should have a limit of 300 people.

I'm not sure if RPGWO will ever have such a large player base though.


More suggestions:

2. Once again, I'm not sure if Mick ever fixed this, but the password for RPGWO should really be encrypted a lot better, I don't think anyone wants to see the password list be posted on this forum again.

3. Also, what ever happen to this, Mick:

RPGWO Design Notes:

Government and Law

April 17, 2001
# each sector can have a magistrate/mayor/governor
# one sector is a 200x200 part of the map, filling the client world map view
# land owners elect a ruler; the more land an individual owner has, the more weight the vote carries
# The Ruler:

      cannot buy/sell land for self in their sector psican levy taxes: sales, property, toll, etc can claim/buy land as public can build on public land using tax revenue: water works, parks, roads, walls, towers, etc. can "make" NPC guards and set them up or command them (not directly), this uses taxes can define law for their sector and assign "outlaw" points to each unlawful act can give or take away outlaw points (condem or pardon) can set a bounty on a player, giving bounty hunters right to PK them, if a hunter has a letter of bounty then they get money and outlaw gets warped to jail? can declare war/peace/ally with other sectors (an ally shares outlaw players but not laws?)

# the ruler's term last one V-year or less if they resign or are impeached!
# Voting:

      when a sectors land is at least 50% claimed, any land owner may initiate a vote a vote is also initiated when the current ruler's term is over to be a candidate you must be the ruler or have one land owner nominate you, land owners may nominate themselves after 1 V-month or V-week? a vote starts that lasts 1 V-week or when a majority is met for one candidate

# outlaw points, rstrict activity in a sector, like no buying or selling or guards attack on site
# outlaw points earned when a player breaks a law defined by a ruler of the sector the crime happens in
# some crimes: player killing, arson, theft, tax evasion, etc.
# citizenship: any person may have one, giving them discount on taxes
# a sector with out a ruler is a state of chaos, no law, every player for themselves

Honesty that seems pretty cool to me

RPGWO Chat / Which Server Has the Most Players?
« on: July 18, 2007, 12:53:17 pm »
I started playing RPGWO again, I like servers with an actual community.

Which Server Has the Most Players and is Most Active?

General Chat / What should I play WoW or UO?
« on: June 15, 2007, 12:06:46 pm »
Here are my prefs.

I like trials.
I like the ability to own property.
I like story lines.
I don't like being heavily punished for my character dying.
I like different environments and architecture.
I like huge cities.
I'm not a big fan of huge dungeons.

Thanks for your help,

RPGWO Chat / New Worlds
« on: August 04, 2006, 08:57:34 am »
Hey everyone I am back from a 1 month break and I'm ready to rant!!!

While looking at posts made in the last month, I have noticed that there have been several recent ideas at making new worlds. This is my opinion on what should be done on all future severs.

Stop making severs that are for specific ideas or crowds or interests. I'm not talking about a newby or vet server but one that can fit older and newer players. I think we all sick of entering worlds other that Nulona (which was way to easy and  is managed horribly, when I played it) and finding only 10 people on them, for example severs that are too hard/easy or only cobat/skill focused.

What RPGWO really needs is a server:

with a good dedicated administration
with lots of new ideas
that is partially full steal and forced pk
with a small area for newbies
which is both skill based and combat based
with original sprites
with a large area for experienced players
with kind helpful admins
with a tutorial
that lists it's updates
with lots of variety
with lots of events, some daily and some only on certain dates
with a calendar that lists events
with less wipes
with a  official website

This is pretty much what everyone wants, it's so simple but no new server has achieved it.

RPGWO Chat / RPGWO Article
« on: June 23, 2006, 05:11:23 pm »
Hi Everyone,

The RPGWO Wikipedia Article needs to be article needs to be updated. The administration has changed, Vale Divine is gone, and there is a new server called Factions, all these need to be updated. Also new content is welcomed. I would do it myself, but I don't play often enough.

For those who don't know where it is:

Thanks for your help,  : :smile:
Ace Cronof


Bugs / Problems / Switching Computers
« on: June 02, 2006, 07:59:55 am »
I want to change the computer I play rpgwo on. Both computers have the same IP. This won't cause any problems, right? Can I switch back to the original computer whenever I want?

General Chat / Urgent Questions
« on: June 01, 2006, 03:41:32 pm »
I know probably none of you know the answer to these questions but, I thought I might as well ask.

1. Is there anyway to delete a file under a username without logging on, (I stupidly downloaded a file, not noticing I was on the wrong username)? I can only access the computer through safe mode on the user: Administartor.

2. If I change my desktop while it is in safe mode, on the user: administrator, will it change all the users' desktops to that color?

3. One last question, this one does not have to do with safe mode, I tried removing the file after noticing I had the wrong username and it wouldn't let me because another application was using it. I had no other applications running, so is there anyway to bypass this?

One last detail, the user that I used by mistake was not Administrator.

I need an answer, really bad.  :sad:



General Chat / Which system was the king of single player RPGs
« on: May 25, 2006, 04:34:44 pm »
I chose Playstation because of its amazing RPGs (Xenogears).

RPGWO Chat / What's Vale Divine?
« on: May 06, 2006, 04:39:16 pm »
Know anything about it?

General Chat / MMORPG Hosts???
« on: May 06, 2006, 04:33:34 pm »
I recently downloaded the server and and client for VB mmorpg that was shut down recently. I am thinking of hosting a server just for fun, but I don't have another computer to spare.  Anyone know any companies that can  host mmorpgs? Please tell me their websites. Thanks

RPGWO Chat / Help make it a better Article
« on: March 24, 2006, 02:44:52 pm »
Can some people help me update the RPG World Online Article on wikipedia, it sucks right now.

No RPGWO Flaming and Vandalism on the Article Please!!!

Only Serious Writers Wanted!

General Chat / Mick's New Game
« on: March 06, 2006, 09:32:23 pm »
What is Mick's new game called and what are the details? Sorry, but I have not played RPGWO recently.

« on: January 26, 2006, 04:45:58 pm »
I am looking for a mmorpg that I can host. Something that has edittable world that allows custom images. I also want to be able to make simple codes like npc and keys, and etc. I aleady have mmorpg that I made with a group, for school, but now that is starting to get boring, and I don't want to code another one, that is why I want to host one instead.

General Chat / Underworld Gamer's Forum
« on: January 18, 2006, 05:02:14 pm »
Hi everyone I would like to invite everyone to my new forum.

I am proudly announcing the opening of a brand new forum called the Underworld Gamer's Forum. It is forum for people who are into stuff like the games on Home of the Underdogs and game programming. It has catogories like amateur games, indie games, game creation, and fan made games. If you are into stuff like this please join my forum. I hope to get 20 to 30 members in the next month or so.


RPGWO Chat / A Question About the Rogue Servers
« on: January 01, 2006, 11:19:12 am »
I am not running a rouge server, I just want to ask this question.

Can Mick find out if your running a rogue server, what I mean is that does he have a program that lists all the rpgwo servers, even rouge servers?

I have a program on my campus mmorpg that can shows all the servers being run.

General Chat / Steeltide Unfairness
« on: November 22, 2005, 08:34:16 pm »
I logged on to Steeltide today to find out that Rha was giving away DAMON everyone on Steeltide yesterday is this admin abuse or what?

This will compleatly ruin the value of damon and will corrupt the entire economy of Steeltide.

Should the players that were not on yesterday not get DAMON just for not playing yesterday?

If anyone has any chatlogs or any information on this please post.

Apparently, Rha has cancer which I think is very sad(I am serious here, don't make jokes about this), but still that gives her no right to abuse her admin powers.

RPGWO Chat / Unofficial RPG World Online Wiki
« on: September 18, 2005, 09:25:59 am »
I created an Unofficial RPG World Online Wiki! Where people can gather and give knowledge about the game. I hope this becomes popular and everyone adds stuff to it.

Everyone can edit what they see wrong and can add their own pages.

Yes, I know there are lots of rules. Most of them are required by my terms of conduct. The rest are just stuff I created was just keep myself calm and out of trouble.

I did not create this wiki because I think am I am knowledgably, no I am a novice compared to others, but I thought game with a large player base without a instruction manual is hard imagine, so I created a wiki. Also I know that many people stop playing RPGWO, right after downloading it, because they do not understand how the game works. Hopefully eventually this will be treated as a useful source for players of all skill levels.

Read the rules and disclaimer before doing anything.

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