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« on: February 08, 2020, 12:55:27 pm »
Here you go guys, here's a INI  that actually works.
We have around 13 players daily on the Hex V3. Hex V2 is a bot server for the most part.

People are still playing and we are all enjoying our time. Feel free to stop by.

RPGWO Chat / So did legal action actually come through?
« on: July 04, 2013, 06:01:56 pm »
Feb 20 12:00p 2006
By: Mickey   
Scidhuv hacked an admin account on Liberty world and proceeded to destroy it. The same with normal accounts on Lunatik. I am not sure if Liberty will need a wipe or if I should revert to a backup copy(1 day old).Looks like Scidhuv has went back on his apology and broke his promise to me to not hack RPGWO anymore. Just so you know, I am persuing legal action against him and his legal gaurdians. He stated he stopped to protect his "pilot" career, well, kiss your career goodbye!

What ever came of this? Were there legit reason to pursue legal actions? Or was everything just kind of thrown under the table?

Suggestions / Make a full "edit" button?
« on: August 27, 2006, 05:21:33 pm »
Well, I was hoping to edit my post, but after 10 mins or so the "edit button" goes away on me...
Could you make it you can edit your posts at any time? :S

RPGWO Chat / Sturm strikes the innocent
« on: August 26, 2006, 08:50:08 pm »
Ok, someone impersonated DARK REPTH, here on the forums and on Nulona, and I talked to repth and he just tried to sort it out:

Welcome to RPG World Online!
21:41.35 : Version 1.15
21:41.35 : Last /MOTD change : 8/17/2006 11:56:14 AM
21:41.35 : Last /RULES change : 8/9/2006 4:13:07 PM
21:41.35 : Last /POST change : 8/26/2006 6:27:31 PM
21:41.35 : You are comfortable.
21:41.59 : noobbb globals:  Everyone this is repth
21:42.07 : Chance has left the world.
21:42.10 : Merick has entered the world.
21:42.17 : Wild globals:  shadow's repth?
21:42.18 : Only One global message per 20 seconds allowed (20 seconds left)
21:42.19 : Merick has left the world.
21:42.20 : Only One global message per 20 seconds allowed (18 seconds left)
21:42.22 : Chance has entered the world.
21:42.24 : You are comfortable.
21:42.32 : Chance has left the world.
21:42.34 : Merick has entered the world.
21:42.49 : noobbb globals:  someone impersonated me on rpgwoforums I did not call UT queet what so ever, Yes Shadow Repth
21:43.07 : Baal globals:  its me slyer fro shadow
21:43.09 : Cougar globals:  i know repth
21:43.20 : Mageer Lionheart has left the world.
21:43.22 : man has entered the world.
21:43.30 : @Admin Sturm says: you were banned, take it up with silk
21:43.32 : noobbb globals:  I didn't ever make an account on Rpgwoforums but the queer that is saying this stuff dont believe it
21:43.32 : Silent Doom has left the world.
21:43.35 : Dainslayer has entered the world.
21:43.41 : noobbb says: IT wasn't me

Sorry, you are banned forever.
You might be banned on accident since the ban system also works off IP address header.
Please send email to MICKEY@RPGWO.COM if you feel this banning is in error.

What a stupid bitch, didn't even give him a god damn chance to explain, I've had enough of this Sturm asshole...

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