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General Chat / Could Axeman be Rorschach?
« on: January 31, 2016, 05:13:00 pm »
Think about it.  Rorschach's real name is Walter. Axeman is? No, not Geoff, it's Walter

Axeman trademark in chat is always -.-

Could -.- be a test? What do you see? A face?

What do you think?

General Chat / @UT
« on: October 31, 2009, 03:53:26 pm »
Because I havn't pwned UT in a while after completing RPGWO for the 100th time, I think on this day - HALLOWEEN- I should, so here we go


One more time


General Chat / Top ten forum go'ers you need to avoid to survive
« on: May 30, 2009, 01:01:01 pm »
10) Gulron

This anti-Serbian exploiter will try anything to raise trouble and get away with it. Don't report him, he'll drag you down with him

9) Chronolink

This nasty 1337 h4x0r will tell you he has all these warez and will keep your hopes up then make a fool of you. To be avoided at all costs. He has his uses though, he does help beat UT a lot

8) Daegan

Never has there been anyone with such a bad temper. WARNING: DO NOT UPSET EVEN AS A JOKE

7) Damen

This crazy Aussie will hit back hard if you kick him out of what is his

6) The Muffin Man

His picture posting will destroy you. Leave well alone

5) Rokhan

See here If you want a Joker up your ass, don't annoy

4) Dravien

If he doesn't like you, you wont hear the last of it. So bad that in game he'll make life hell (yes, he has ways and means of finding who you are)

3) Revolution

The annoying spammer. Try to ignore him however hard it is

2) Mack The Blacksmith

The horrible de-railer of everything, don't post anything

1) Jon

The most epic n00b ever. His fish-suffix's will drive you insane along with his knowledge of coding

RPGWO Chat / Your favourite "bad" player
« on: April 06, 2009, 11:10:25 am »
By bad, i'm not talking about bad-ass stealing Tigergibbs Trivia tokens, or camping a Lifestone. I mean bad as in the foul-mouthed kid who no one likes, the abuser of n00bs who himself is a n00b, the scammer who bought something for 1 gold, the one who got banned and is hated but keeps coming back and doesn't care. I'll post my vote later on who I think qualifies for this and why. Until then, post yours

No fanboism

Horizon / Damon?
« on: October 07, 2008, 01:06:35 pm »
But... there was a catch

What's this about?

Stories / The Jordan and Gebus chronicles
« on: October 01, 2008, 03:21:42 pm »
Minnesota - 2pm

Jordonias gets picked up by Tweet in his Ford Taurus. The Taurus has twelve people in. Jord, Tweet, Derek and Chris in the front. Stroman, Webb, Paxer and Another Chris are in the back. Gebus, Ganner, Mevi and Dthao are in the trunk

Jordonias: Where we going?
Derek: Wal Mart, we're going to play Tag
Jordonias: Cool

10 minutes later they park in the Wal Mart car park and come out of the Taurus. Twenty bystanders are all looking at them

Bystander1: Damn kids, what they up too?
Bystander2: I bet they are causing trouble
Bystander3: tigering rednecks in their Taurus

Paxer: Ok, last one on is "it"
Stroman: Whooooooooooo

Everyone starts running inside and scatter in all directions,  Stroman is last, and is "it." They begin to play about half an hour until a security guard catches Chris

Security Guard: Now young man, you are running around being unruly, what are you doing?
Chris: I'm uh...
Security Guard: Playing Tag?
Chris: Not at all, i'm shopping, i'm looking for a new Xbox 360 game
Security Guard: Looks to me like you running around boy
Chris: Trust me, i'm shopping

Out of nowhere Derek runs past, who is "it" and taps Chris saying "You're it"

Security Guard: What the tiger? There's 12 of you running around, darn kids
Another Chris: Time to hide

Jordonias, Another Chris, Mevi, Ganner and Stroman hide in a tent. A Wal Mart employee comes over too see what's happening

Employee: I wonder what's happning here?

The employee looks in the tent

Mevi: Oh wolf
Stroman: They got us
Ganner: Let's go

The five jump out and the employee is really confused

Five isles over the others are playing Dodgeball, while Jordonias is at the intercom

Jordonias: Will Paxer stop being retarded?
Jordonias: Will Webb finally get a job?
Gebus: Ok, we better leave, enough trouble for today
Chris: Good idea
Dthao: Back to the Taurus

The twelve go back home

The next week...

Ganner: We're off to play Poker today
Mevi: Lets see who wins this one
Stroman: To Wal Mart

Paxer takes a deck of cards from the shop and opens them. Gebus sets up a table and they all sit around and start to play

Webb: I'll see your $30 and raise you $50
Another Chris: I'll see your $50 and raise $60
Chris: I'll see your $60 and raise you $100
Mevi: I'll see your $100 and raise you $120

They are interrupted by the same security guard that was there last week

Security Guard: Look children, gambling is baaaaaaaaad okaaaaaaaaaay? I called the police
Gebus: Lets go

THe following week...

The twelve are back at Wal Mart again, this time minding their own business but the security guard recognises them

Tweet: Look? Stop following us ok?
Security Guard: You shouldn't have come back here, leave now
Paxer: Meh, ok

They go outside and the cops are there

Policeman: What are you doing here?
Jordonias: Nothing
Policeman: That's not what it looks like
Jordonias: Seriously, we were doing nothing
Policeman: A lot of nothing is bad, go get a job you tigering redneck
Jordonias: WHAT?
Policeman: Get a job
Jordonias: LOOK, I WORK TWO JOBS YOU dog
Policeman: Don't you talk to me like that young man
Jordonias: Don't say I need a job then, I have to drivy my Dad to work. Life isn't easy
Policeman: You'd make a bad cop too
Jordonias: If I were anything like you, sure
Policeman: I might have to arrest you for Disordely Conduct for arguing with me
Jordonias: WHAT?
Policeman: You're never coming back here again

The policeman drives off laughing

Jordonias: I still come back here at least once a week


General Chat / 4000 posts
« on: August 30, 2008, 06:23:27 pm »
So yeh, I hold the highest post count here. Not like 4000 posts is nothing special

Watch this Youtube video and you'll find out why (take 2 "0's" off and you'll understand the video)

So I bring the following:

"How to get blocked on Daegan's MSN"

1) Make a thread like this
2) Call him Deagan non-stop
3) Treat him like your son
4) Mention his ex-g/f
5) Threatan a of him
6) Tell him Belle High is for Rednecks
7) Call him a Redneck
8) Call the whole of MO Rednecks
9) Mention ~Undisclosed info here~ to him all the time
10) Posts pics of him from Facebook etc
11) Tell him America sucks

If by now he goes Batwolf crazy and screams "tiger YOU I'M GONNA FLY TO YOUR HOUSE AND KILL YOU DUDE" then you.........

...........are doing it wrong

Stories / When Gizza met Christy
« on: August 20, 2008, 01:28:54 pm »
Inside the Scotland Yard Pub, Toronto. Grinch is addressing an audience

Grinch: Ok people, there was a time, years ago, when two people did find happiness. These were the most unlikely couple, but this is how it goes

Grinch sips some Whisky

Grinch: Well, it all started somewhere in Kansas

Howl At The Moon Bar, Kansas. 20 Years ago

Gizza is having a lonely night out and telling a few women about his Australian branch in a major Ice Cream company in the USA. Christy and her band are playing God Save The Queen originally by The Sex Pistols

Gizza: So this year, we had a turnover over well more than $2,000,000. Isn't that great?

The 2 girls he is talking too, seemingly totally unphased and uninterested by Gizza start talking again about what guy they went for lastnight. Gizza, realising he's not going to find a girl ever, goes back to the bar for another drink

Gizza: Sambuca please
Barkeep: You look pretty upset
Gizza: Well, it's just i'm a successful businessman and i've never had a girlfriend

The band stop playing at that moment and announce they are having a break from playing

Barkeep: You might get lucky, here comes Christy. She'll love a man who is successful and has a lot of money

Christy walks to the bar

Christy: Sambuca please
Gizza: Hi, you drink Sambuca too? So do I
Christy: I love Sambuca, oh i'm sorry, I didn't introduce myself. I'm Christy
Gizza: I... I... I'm Gizza
Christy: Nice to meet you Mr Gizza, can I get you a drink?
Gizza: But i'm uh, drinking already
Christy: Then i'll buy you another
Gizza: Sure

Grinch: Now this all looks very Hollywood, but check what happens next

Grinch blows smoke from a pipe he lit up earlier

Christy: So you own a US branch in a major Ice Cream company?
Gizza: Yes
Christy: I love Ice Cream, how about after I finish tonight you teach me a bit more about Ice Cream and what you can do?

Gizza starts choking on some of his drink, but quickly recovers

Gizza: Sure
Christy: Ok i'm off back to play, later big guy

Grinch: So Gizza waited until the bands helpers packed everything away, but he was in a spot of trouble; he didn't know how to do it

Grinch sips some more Whisky

Christy: Follow me

They go upstairs to a room where the band are staying

Christy: So tell me more about what you do
Gizza: I uh...

Gizza is interupted by Christy taking off her clothes

Gizza: I run the company... I make money, you know I really have a lot of money

Grinch: By this time, she's taken all her clothes off and Gizza is just standing there stuck for words

Christy: Ok big guy, eat me like you would Ice Cream

Christy tackles Gizza to the bed and starts taking his clothes off

Grinch: Albeit Gizza having no clue what to do, Christy did it all for him... but Christy being some Punk Rocker was on The Pill so Gizza had no worries, nor did she. They tigered for about 20 minutes and Gizza seemed a new man

About a month later Gizza is in his Palace where he gets a phonecall

Gizza: Hello?
Christy: It's me, look, i'm pregnant
Gizza: OH SHI....
Christy: Look, our relationship is ok. I guess, we can get through this; but we must get to Vegas to marry each other
Gizza: Oh, ok

1 roadtrip later

Spring Valley, Las Vegas

An Elvis impersonator weds them

Elvis impersonator: I now pronounce you, man and wife yeah baby
Christy: I love you Gizza
Gizza: I love you too
Elvis Impersonator: I dated your little sister...

1 roadtrip back

Grinch: But not all at the time was cracked up to be

Grinch takes another blow of his pipe

4 months later

Christy: I neeeeeeed more Ice Cream
Gizza: You'll get fat
Christy: Look, I neeeeed Ice Cream
Gizza: Ok, i'll swing by work and get some
Christy: Get me loads

So Christy feeds on Ice Cream until one day...

Christy: My water is broken
Gizza: AGHHHHHH, to the hospital

Gizza drives as quick as he can to the nearest hospital. After a lovely delivery of a baby boy, Gizza decides

Gizza: Brendan, we'll call him Brendan
Christy: Such a lovely name
Gizza: Uh darling? Could you lose a bit more weight?
Christy: I'll try
Gizza: I love you Christy
Christy: I love you too Giz...

Grinch: Now here's the weird part of this story

Grinch takes yet another sip of Whisky

The hospital wall falls down piling on top of a car. Inside is Chronolink stupidly-dressed as Dr Emmet Brown and Rokhan, who is dressed as Marty Mcfly

Rokhan: I said take a left at the entrance, not hit the wall
Chronolink: Too late for that, oh look, he's there
Gizza: What? What's happening?
Rokhan: We're here to tell you about the future?
Chronolink: Wait a sec, try again

Chronolink hits a switch that plays the music from Back To The Future

Gizza: What about the future?
Rokhan: Oh you turn out fine, it's your children
Gizza: What happens?
Chronolink: Well, look at this TV screen, we made a movie about it

Chronolink switches on a small TV screen with Rokhan dressed up as Brendan and Chronolink dressed up as an IRS man

IRS man: It failed, we are here to take your business

Grinch: Well, that concludes that story. There won't be another so stop giving me requests

Grinch takes one last smoke of his pipe and finishes his Whisky

Grinch: Goodnight

General Chat / Happy Birthday Muffin
« on: August 10, 2008, 12:42:11 pm »
The South-East Texan Baker is now a year older

Wheeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee now get on them oil rigs

Stories / Imposters
« on: July 04, 2008, 12:02:15 pm »
And we continue where we left off

Daegan: Now's a good time to stealth the ship
Kaios: How?
Muffin Man: This button here

Muffin Man presses an invisible button

Jon: Nerd for knowing that was there
Rokhan: Ok, ship cannot be seen
Daegan: Nice flying Chrono, you tigered everything up
Chronolink: What? There's no posers here, besides you can do the ship, i'm getting this blade fixed
Damen: No posers eh? Then
Gizza: How do you explain
Damen: That?

Gizza and Damen point at past Gizza and Dravien

Chronolink: That's just your past selves. Don't tell them their future though, your future-self might not exist
Dravien: But if we do this mission, and die anyway, what difference does it make?
Daegan: Meh, go along and do it then. Meanwhile I need Cronus to fix the mechanical and electical side to the ship, the  rest work on the other damage. I'll work on this master plan on what to do when we go further back in time

Chronolink walks over to Past Gizza

Chronolink: Hey? I plan not to be here long, so I need a favour
Past Gizza: You're Chronolink?
Chronolink: Yeh... why?
Past Gizza: Dravien told me ALL about you
Chronolink: He did? Like that time I leveled my Blacksmith too high?
Past Gizza: Well, not that
Chronolink: Look, nevermind what happened, I need this Blade fixed
Past Gizza: I'll see what I can do

Past Gizza tries to fix the sword but fails, and keeps failing

Chronolink: Keep getting your skill up, I need it fixed
Past Gizza: This is part of my n00b training?
Chronolink: It is now, keep at it, i'll be back later

Aelfgeft approaches

Aelfgeft: Why did you destroy my land?
Chronolink: Piloting error, I didn't mean too

Sturm and John walk by

Sturm: Hey Aelf? Nice land
Jon: Hehehe

They both walk off

Chronolink: Your life isn't all ruined, tell you what, i'll get you a present for your land that only you can use
Aelfgeft: Really?
Chronolink: Yeh, wait and see

Chronolink walks back to the airship

Daegan: Ah Chrono, took your time, I was about to address the master plan
Chronolink: Made it on time though, hey where's Drav?
Muffin Man: Talking to his past-self
Kaios: We did warn him
Jon: n00bs know nothing of time-travel
Daegan: As I was saying... here's my plan:

Muffin Man and Kaios you are to take on The Ashen Knights
Me and Jon will take on PYR8
Damen and Gizza will fight Lost Souls
Cronus will kill any excess people lieing around that people impersonate
Dravien and Rokhan will tidy up the low-key guilds

Chronolink: What about me?
Daegan: You're so cool, you can kill UT

Chronolink does a crazy celebration dance where everyone looks at him in a weird way

Chronolink: ABOUT DAMN TIME!
Daegan: Until then, carry on

Chronolink gets a few things and leaves the ship, he walks past Dravien who is talking to his past-self

Chronolink: Didn't you hear the effects of this? What if Past-Dravien makes a measure to stop this mission from happening?
Past-Dravien: I hear we die anyway, why does it matter?
Dravien: Yeh, what I said
Chronolink: Don't be too sure about your death, that itself is a future event
Past-Dravien: Whatever fat-sage

Chronolink walks over to Aelfgeft

Chronolink: Present for you
Aelfgeft: What is it?
Chronolink: Observe

Chronolink shoots a Small Hessite Golem with a Shotgun with Explosive Shells destroying it

Aelfgeft: Why you destroy my Golem?
Chronolink: Relax, it's a demonstration as to what we can do for you. Here's what happens. I give you the Shotgun, you
dig your hands into this time-warp that i'm making on your land; where you can get unlimited ammo, and fire away. As everyones Missile Defence sucks you can kill whoever you like
Aelfgeft: Really?
Chronolink: Yes, try it later

Meanwhile back at the Airship

Cronus: Everything fixed
Kaios: Ship is back to normal
Muffin Man: I themed some of this in pink paint
Rokhan: Why you decorated the ship in pink i'll never know
Damen: It's the
Gizza: New look

Chronolink enters

Chronolink: Is my beautiful ship fixed yet?
Daegan: Of course it is retard
Chronolink: Who you calling retard you mere mortal?

Daegan gets his Shrokrim ready and throws it and Chronolink. Chronolink dodges and tries to thrust Daegan with a Hessite
Sword but misses

Jon: Enough you two n00bs
Daegan: I doubt we'll accomplish this if you can't evan hit UT
Chronolink: Yeh? Come watch

Everyone walks over to Past-Gizza who finally manages to get fixing the Blade Of The Fuhror

Chronolink: That's right, keep hitting that blade
Gizza: Everything will
Damen: Work out fine
Muffin Man: Don't tell them that, they might change things
Past-Gizza: It's ok. I know in future i'll meet Damen, i'll leave Dravien's teachings behind and follow my destiny
Dravien: Damn n00b, I knew I taught you the wrong way

Jon slaps Dravien

Jon: You're the n00b, you were stupid enough to talk to your past-self
Dravien: Whatever, let's just finish this mission

Past-Gizza hands over the finished Blade Of The Fuhror to Chronolink

Chronolink swings it around a bit listening to it's whistle and slices Daegan in the arm

Kaios: Calm down
Muffin Man: You can settle this after we stop this war
Daegan: Looks like this asshole can hit people properly after all

Chronolink readies another swing

Rokhan: No Chrono, we need him
Chronolink: Ok ok, we postpone this fight until after we do everything
Damen: Back to
Gizza: The ship

Everyone is back in the ship all ready, except Chronlink and Rokhan who are in a secret place inside the ship

Rokhan: Preset timers are on
Chronolink: You think five hours is ok?
Rokhan: Sure thing
Chronolink: Hope this works out, otherwise we are all done

Back on the Bridge Cronus and Jon are on the controls

Daegan: Back we go, to the future of RPGWO

The airship lifts off and flies away quickly

Back on Nulona Aelfgeft is having fun

John: Hey Aelf? What else to destroy?

Aelfgeft shoots him blowing him up

Sturm: Uhhh... don't do anything, i'm just being frien....

Aelfgeft shoots him as well reducing him to nothing

Aelfgeft: Whooooooooooo haaaa haaaaaaaaaa git of muh land ahahahahahahaha


Stories / Imposters
« on: June 18, 2008, 06:43:58 pm »

After defeating all the n00bs Chronolink and Rokhan observed Arcanium, keeping it safe. They gained Arcanium technology to make the airship bigger, in a typical everyday life of these two with a big responsibilty their day is normal; playing poker, getting drunk and such

Chronolink: Morning Rokhan, what's on todays instant breakfast menu?
Rokhan: Fuhrios, of course
Chronolink: Sounds cool, lets eat. Add a full English to that

After guzzling down breakfast Chronolink digs into his cider and cigarettes while Rokhan practices his Poker tricks

Rokhan: Silver Diamond.... wait this isn't right
Chronolink: You mean a red diamond?
Rokhan: Yeh, I think I drank too much of your cider
Chronolink: We're running short of alcohol you know that right?
Rokhan: We are? No
Chronolink: Yeh we are, fly lower so we can get more

They bring the airship lower only to see Cronus with a Railgun killing hundreds of people

Chronolink: What is this? Cronus sure is owning everyone
Rokhan: Yeh... but why are they all called Wesson?
Chronolink: Wesson is down there?
Rokhan: There's hundreds of Wesson's
Chronolink: It's law, you can't kill Wesson, how is he killing hundreds?

In unison they get it right, and together they say:

Chronolink: We just dealt with the n00b problem, now there's posers?
Rokhan: Seems so
Chronolink: Throw him a rope and get him up here before they swarm him

Together they rescue Cronos

Cronus: Thanks guys, I couldn't hold them off much longer
Rokhan: What are we to do?
Chronolink: Let's get to Kirin, see if they have the same problem

They warp to Kirin only to be met with a black void

Rokhan: Empty...
Chronolink: Yeh, whatever did Grinch do?
Cronus: Hey what's that?

They see two floating objects next to each other

Chronolink: Only two objects left in a void that was a world once?
Rokhan: Bring them in I guess

Cronus, knowing his Arcanium technology brings in the two objects

Rokhan: It's a broken sword
Chronolink: Not really, there's an inscription on both blades
Cronus: "Blade Of The Fuhror"
Rokhan: What does this mean?
Chronolink: Seems Grinch left me my own weapon that Muffin Man created
Cronus: It's broken though
Chronolink: It's ok, Gizza can fix it for me. Before we go back in time though, we need one last warp to Arcanium to get some stuff

One warp to Arcanium later...

Chronolink: Ok, let's bring in all alcohol, cigarettes and poker chips we can

They are suddenly blocked by UT

UT: What are YOU doing here?
Rokhan: We are on a mission

UT hits Rokhan throwing him accross their airship

Cronus: tiger you UT

Cronus unloads his railgun and M16 into UT to no avail. UT throws Cronus into Rokhan

UT: Welcome to MY world

Chronolink: Get outa here mate, or I WILL deal down some real damage
UT: HA! Like what?

Chronolink throws his broken Blade Of The Fuhror into his chest

UT: NO.... NO... nooooooooo

UT vanishes

Rokhan: Darn that hurt, how did he vanish like that? Think he learnt time-travel too?
Chronolink: Possibly. Let's find where he went and go to Pyramid

They warp to Pyramid

Upon arriving they see Jon killing a lot of Del Roh's with his deity powers

Chronolink: More posers? How can this be?
Rokhan: Not sure, let's make it easy for Jon and get him here

They rescue Jon and warp to Nulona

On seeing Nulona again they see Dravien killing hundreds of Tilurs

Cronus: Wow, how can he kill Tilur like that?
Jon: That's an imposter, or many there of. Quick he is being swarmed with them

They quickly rescue Dravien

Dravien: Bloody Hell.... hundreds of them. Thankyou for saving me
Rokhan: This is too weird, let's get out of here
Jon: Wait wait wait... where too? And how to deal with this?
Chronolink: Only Warmaster Daegan knows

After a trip to Deimos they see Damen and Gizza fighting loads of Stryders

Damen: This is
Gizza: A pretty bad
Damen: Thing to happen
Gizza: Hey look? An airship lets
Damen: Get on it
Gizza: Quickly and escape

After getting Damen and Gizza on the ship they question where Daegan could be

Gizza: Why not
Damen: Try Asylum?

They warp to Asylum

Upon entering they see Daegan, killing loads of Axeman with his magic skills

Chronolink: It's ok Mr Daegan, we got you
Daegan: Chrono? What are you doing here?
Chronlink: Rescuing you
Daegan: Get your n00b Brit ass outa here, I can take them

Before Daegan has much of a choice Cronus brings him in

Rokhan: Let's get out of here
Chronolink: Ok, too Chaos, I think we'll be safe

They warp to Chaos and find The Muffin Man and Kaios fight off a Revolution of Revolutions

Daegan: #### day? What is this?
Dravien: There's too many, how do I Tesla-Coil this lot?
Chronolink: This ship doesn't have a Tesla-Coil, and we have no Anti-n00b bomb either

Rokhan jumps to the controls

Rokhan: Ace up the sleeve? I pull Aces outa my ass

Rokhan activates the multi-chaingun mowing down all Revolutions
Cronus: Bring them in

They warp to a safe-zone where everything is frozen but them. Daegan is the first to kick off

Daegan: I had everything perfect there, and YOU come on and rescue me? tiger you guys
Jon: You're a n00b though
Gizza: Let's not
Damen: Get too hostile here
Chronolink: Dae? We need you, that's why we had to rescue you. There is a bigger threat than the n00b invasion we encountered some time ago. We have posers
Muffin Man: Yes
Kaios: Ell oh ell, posers are nothing, but what to do?
Rokhan: That's why we need Daegan, he knows about war and what to do
Daegan: Ok ok, give me a few hours i'll have a plan
Chronolink: Wheeeeee ok guys drinking time, let's have a party while Daegan figures this out
Daegan: I hate you all

All the crew of the airship start digging into alcohol and having a laugh while Daegan exiles himself in deep thought. Some
hours later Daegan walks over to Chrono who is urinating off the ship

Daegan: I got my plan, but I bet you forgot how to fight; giving that all you need are explosives to blow things up
Chronolink: You think?

Daegan takes out a staff

Daegan: Attack me

Chronolink throws his Shrokrim at him and misses, Daegan waves his staff and makes a lightning bolt hit Chrono

Chrono: Owwww
Daegan: So you are quite useless am I right?
Chrono: Not so, observe

Chrono picks up the broken Blade Of The Fuhror and advances towards Daegan, resisting a few spells he casts. Chrono slices Daegan in his legs

Daegan: Hmm... dammit that hurt. Seems you know what you're doing after all
Chrono: Not really, it's just this sword I think, broken it might be but we'll deal with that later
Daegan: Ok, inside. I'll address my plan

Daegan calls a stop to everyone drinking and messing about as they do when they are drunk

Daegan: Ok all, listen up. I know the solution to get around this. We are to go back in time to the very first Phobos and kill
the original players, so there are no posers when we return to real time. This will be no easy task however, because we will be fighting skilled people that outmatch us. This is a risk we should all take. We can all save the RPG World. You are to enjoy this night like it's last, it very well could be. I don't expect anyone to come back alive

Gizza: For the revol
Damen: Utiooooon

Everyone looks at Damen and Gizza

Gizza: We meant
Damen: For the future of...
Gizza: RPG World?

Slight silence


Everyone goes back to what they were doing. Except Rokhan who seemingly disappeared and Chronolink who goes outside again

Chronolink is enjoying his final days to save the world with others while Daegan approaches

Daegan: Hi Chrono, what you doing?
Chronolink: Enjoying the last moments, you see how far we have come with my project this being the airship and non-stop living the high-life?
Daegan: I know what you mean dude
Chronolink: Daegan? You are serious right? After we are done, we are all going to die to save the future for others?
Daegan: Yeh dude, we might have statues to remember us and such, but we are destined to fail when we succeeed
Chronolink: Damn man, I remember when you were younger, all that wolf about that guild war and such
Daegan: Good times man... good times
Chronolink: Hey? Go re-join the party, i'm off to relax outside for a while
Daegan: Sure thing, I need a few of your ciders down me

Chronolink embraces Daegan

Chronolink: You always were a good friend, pity we are going to lose it when we win this war
Daegan: I know dude, I know

Chronolink shakes Daegan's hand

Chronolink: Be well, and enjoy the party and our last good times of our life
Daegan: I will dude, come on in later, we got plenty of cider left but you already knew that

Daegan leaves

Upon leaving Chronolink touches a hidden switch lowering him down to an unknown device that he secretly worked on with Rokhan

Rokhan: Knew you'd come here eventually
Chronolink: We knew this would happen, think this device will properly work? Not like we tested it
Rokhan: I'm sure it will, i'll set the preset timers now. It should come into effect when we save the world

Rokhan pushes a few buttons and looks at the device. Seemingly a gigantic Tesla-Coil

The next day everyone is hung-over

Daegan: Wake up people, we have a world to save

Everyone wakes up

Daegan: Chrono? Rokhan? Fly us to Phobos
Chronolink: Like no? We have a broken Blade Of The Fuhror here that needs fixing. So we are off to Nulona
Daegan: Like no... forget that blade of yours for once

Chronolink pushes a few more buttons

Daegan: What the?
Rokhan: The course is preset, we are getting to Phobos with a quick detour

After much visiting other worlds they finally go back in time to Liberty. Just at that moment UT decides to throw a meteor that hits the ship

Jon: N00bs, what was that?
Dravien: Bloody hell
Cronus: Hit badly, seems like we could end up anywhere
Chronolink: Don't fret, we'll use the failsafe

Rokhan hits a button that reads "DO NOT PUSH" which sends them into Nulona

As they enter Nulona they crash onto Aelfgeft's land. After a few minutes some figures emerge from the ship

Aelfgeft: Get off my lan.... ahhhhhhhhhhhh

Aelfgeft soon runs away

Chronolink: Dammit, we're stuck here until we repair the ship I guess
Rokhan: Stealth the ship, make sure we are undetected
Daegan: Hmmm.... this is our opportunity to have a bit of fun until we get to Phobos


Stories / Story delay
« on: June 05, 2008, 06:10:15 pm »
Ok i've got 2 stories on the go atm, both need some real writing to make the Summer like I said. Sadly I've got loads of hours at work and my friends need me to rescue them from RL wolf so I don't really have too much time to be writing. Don't fret though, you'll get your stories

General Chat / Freedom Of Speech denial?
« on: May 25, 2008, 12:24:17 pm »
You keep giving admin powers to people that seek to revoke the very thing these boards were created for: freedom of speech with no repurcussion.


Don't you ever tell me that I don't know what I am talking about Rha, I know Invision like the back of my hand


The game went downhill a little bit then, Steeltide was a mistake because of money and Rosewing. It was destroyed from within


You are now under moderation


Hmmm.... topics getting deleted? Posts going missing or edited? Not just spam posts, but posts with a sense of humour in them. Posts with valid points

Grinch? I'll steal the water out your swimming pool

General Chat / Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull
« on: May 23, 2008, 09:03:56 am »
If you don't want a movie that breaks all borders of reality, don't watch it
If you hate CGI-loaded movies, don't watch it

But hey? This is Indiana Jones, I liked it

Go watch it

« on: May 22, 2008, 08:23:25 pm »
Again, a story trailor for yet another story to come

Someguy: We are here live at a Baltimore City shoot-out with our man Tilur returning fire, it seems a big disagreement over
who should kill this person we call ####. We have The Pink Pimps, The Troll Legion, The G-Unit People, The PA Gangstas, The Minnesotian Slave Drivers, The Counter-Terrorists, The One Colour Guys and The Lifeguards. All legions or gangs of just 1, or a few fighting for who gets the killing blow, but why are they fighting themselves? Nathan Havok has the story

Nate: It all started in England...


Chronolink sees some cigarette ash land in his drink and a plane with #### written all over it

Dravien: Bloody hell, that's #### up there?
Rog: Ok calm down, let's go after him in the private jet


A sudden gust of wind by a plane with #### written over it blows the Silver Poker deck over the place

Rokhan: ####? That's tigering it. FOR CANADA


Grinch: Oh Stephanie, we couldn't be any happier at the pool here
Stephanie: Oh Grinch, I love you and this pool we are at


They notice a plane flying above that scares the timba-fishz away

Jordonias: Hmm.... ####? What is this? Well we are gangstas, let's deal with this


Icequeen: Bitch ass punk, who did that?
Cham: Get tooled up, it said #### on that flyer, we going rollin on some cracka

EDIT: Where #### is meant to be 1 6 9 0

« on: May 22, 2008, 07:45:56 pm »
You see it in films, now you see it on a 2D MMO; a story trailor. Here is a taste of stories to come in the Summer

On board the Airship

Chronolink is enjoying his final days to save the world with others while Daegan approaches

Daegan: Hi Chrono, what you doing?
Chronolink: Enjoying the last moments, you see how far we have come with my project this being the airship and non-stop living the high-life?
Daegan: I know what you mean dude
Chronolink: Daegan? You are serious right? After we are done, we are all going to die to save the future for others?
Daegan: Yeh dude, we might have statues to remember us and such, but we are destined to fail when we succeeed
Chronolink: Damn man, I remember when you were younger, all that wolf about that guild war and such
Daegan: Good times man... good times
Chronolink: Hey? Go re-join the party, i'm off to relax outside for a while
Daegan: Sure thing, I need a few of your ciders down me

Chronolink embraces Daegan

Chronolink: You always were a good friend, pity we are going to lose it when we win this war
Daegan: I know dude, I know

Chronolink shakes Daegan's hand

Chronolink: Be well, and enjoy the party and our last good times of our life
Daegan: I will dude, come on in later, we got plenty of cider left but you already knew that

Daegan leaves

Upon leaving Chronolink touches a hidden switch lowering him down to an unknown device that he secretly worked on with Rokhan


Daegan: This is where it ends, live this day as your last
Jon: Yarrrrrrrrrrrr


The airship upon landing on Phobos impales Del Roh and wipes out The Ashen Knights

Del Roh: Fair not this be, ch00bs you


Chronolink: Yep, keep at it Gizza, level up that skill until my sword is fixed
Gizza: Sounds like a pretty good plan

UT: You always were weak Chrono

UT walks to Chronolink's injured body

UT: You see, you never did succeed ever against me
Rokhan: Hey Mr Chrono? Here

Rokhan throws the Blade Of The Fuhror


Cronus: Wow, we did it


Dravien: Bloody hell, what's this place?

General Chat / RPGWO Daegan facts
« on: May 13, 2008, 06:48:57 pm »
A newb once thought that telling Daegan that using a level 1 Practice Wood Wand was n00bish.... that newb was never heard from again

The Staff Of The Dead is so called because Daegan killed UT

Daegan once tried to warp himself to him home location, instead he went forward in time and fought his future-mage and won, he's that damn good

A reader of this made the mistake of thinking these facts are untrue.... I suggest you DON'T look behind you

When Daegan uses up a wand, not only does it explode; it blows up all other wands in the current world

Daegan once used Magic Wall II on a cluster of 9 people.... they stayed there until the server wiped

Which by the way, only wipe because Daegan uses Black Hole

Upon using Blind on someone.... they stayed Blind

When arriving on Arcanium the playerbase laughed at him for trying to use Magic... any wonder why all the worlds of Arcanium failed?

Daegan cannot have his runes destroyed, they are too scared

Daegan never needs to heal himself

When Daegan sometimes uses Red Magic buffs, they grow so powerful he obtains Admin powers until he gets bored

Daegan resists all Deity spells, instead he casts them on Admins

When casting a renewal spell, he renews that much that the energy causes a catastrophic flood

There are no meteors... Daegan is just casting a spell

When creating a Life-stone, they spring up before him. He doesn't need magic to destroy one, he just rips them out the ground. Should he ever choose to destroy one with Blue Magic, they usually destroy themselves before Daegan gets the chance

Once Daegan created a Golem, they were later known as statues of players and admins

Gaming / Glenn Mclean
« on: May 08, 2008, 09:52:54 am »

Stories / Adopt A n00b
« on: May 07, 2008, 06:01:24 pm »
DISCLAIMER: In this story there might be a continuity error when you read my next story. Why? Well I havn't properly thought it through on the next story that will sort of coincide with this story. Also the date of when this fictional event happened may seem irrelvant; non the less I hope you enjoy this story

2004: Mind/Isaac suggest an adopt-a-n00b programe for Steeltide, the idea never went ahead. What if it did? Here we find out


Mind: Ok vets, line up. Here are your n00bs

Muffin Man? You get Lord Pikachu
Axeman? You get Mcfizzle
Jordonias? You get Blackmonk
Pure Chaos? You get Damen
Dravien? You get Gizza

Damen: I guess this is goodbye Gizza, we are gonna be real vets soon
Gizza: We sure are
Lord Pikachu: i'm gonna be the best tradeskiller ever
Mcfizzle: I'm a proud n00b
Blackmonk: I miss Haran

So the n00bs go with their master on their own seperate ways

Dravien: Ok Gizza, here's my land plot
Gizza: Wow, you sure have a lot of stuff
Dravien: Go underground, there's mining to be done, bring me granite rocks for me to break up for mana stones
Gizza: Uhh... when do we fight monsters?
Dravien: Not yet, you got work to do, this plot won't mine itself

So Gizza gets to work and brings him up loads of granite, Dravien soon gets to work making mana stones

Dravien: Now Gizza, see those plants over there? Farm the whole lot and bring me the seeds
Gizza: That sure is a lot to farm
Dravien: Go farm, you need to learn this like most of us

So again, Gizza gets to work on farming all essentials

Dravien: Good, now take this plaugue and replant what you farmed with the some seeds you got
Gizza: This is a lot of work
Dravien: Hush n00b, I have to do the same too

After much replanting Gizza is finally worn out

Dravien: Don't rest now, we are paying a visit to farmer Aelfgeft
Gizza: But I cannot do much more, it's been a long day
Dravien: And you have a longer day tommorow, come on

They both walk to Aelfgeft's land where they hear some abuse

Aelfgeft: Ok, get the tiger off my darn land
John: Make me
Sturm: Nah
Sturm: This is getting boring anyway
John: Yeh, see ya later tigertard

Aelfgeft goes back to cutting his plants and sees Dravien come along with Gizza

Dravien: Are those two hawks giving you wolf again?
Aelfgeft: Nothing I can't handle
Dravien: I can take them down if you want
Aelfgeft: It's ok, they don't worry me much. What can I get you?
Dravien: I need some staff jewels, ruby if you have
Aelfgeft: I'll be right back

After a bit of looking around Aelfgeft returns with a staff necklace

Aelfgeft: Best I could do, bring more rubies back tommorow, oh and don't forget the mana stones
Dravien: Sure thing

Back at Dravien's land

Dravien: Ok bed time, this royal bed is mine, that sleeping bag is yours
Gizza: Why don't I get the bed?
Dravien: Because you're a n00b, can't make everything too easy for you. Night night

The next day

Dravien: Ok wake up Gizza
Gizza: I feel... quite good
Dravien: That's a bonus of sleeping on a bed or sleeping bag, you get renewal. Now, on with some training

The walk into the woods together and Dravien disappears out of sight

Gizza: Dravien? Where are you
Dravien: I'm stealthed, you are to make it back to my house not getting killed, or dieing by lack of eating. See you later
Gizza: Dravien? Dravien? What is this?


Gizza: Well, can't be too bad I guess

2 hours later

Gizza: Hmm... I am lost, my stamina is draining. Oh... a lemon tree. If I can just...

Gizza tries to pick some lemons but fails. Come on Gizza, concentrate. After much thinking Gizza finally gets some lemons
and eats them

Gizza: Disgusting, but they kept me alive

One hour later Gizza finally makes it to Draviens land

Dravien: Three hours? It took this damn long?
Gizza: I was lost
Davien: I thought you were going to die out there
Gizza: No, I got some lemons to keep me alive
Dravien: Whoa... you sure are thinking


Chronolink: Now, when guilds are at war, or everyone is out to kill to survive, farming can be you're friend
Dravien: How so?
Chronolink: Well people put the food prices up, and you're not likely to find jerky lieing around. Carry about 40 oranges, those 40 oranges can mean life... or death
Dravien: I understand

-Dravien wakes up-

Dravien: Well, that concludes today's lesson: Survival

The next day

Dravien: wake up young n00b, we got some blacksmithing to learn
Gizza: *Yawn* ok

They make their way to the coal pits

Dravien: Ok always use coal-coke here, to smelt what we sometimes need, simple coal isn't good enough
Gizza: Sounds like an economic way of doing things
Dravien: That's true, now make this steel
Gizza: What with?
Dravien: This coal-dust of course... wait a minute, where is it?
Gizza: Havn't seen it
Dravien: Ok, i'll make a few alembics, you get some coal-coke off farmer Aelfgeft, oh and deliver this bag of gems to him
Gizza: I'll be back soon

Aelf's land

Aelfgeft: Get the tiger outa here
John: we'll be back, you better pay us to leave tommorow, or your golem gets it
Aelfgetf: tiger OFF

John leaves

Gizza: Hey farmer Aelf? They giving you trouble again?
Aelfgeft: Yarrr! I used to have a neighbour that used to get rid of them a lot
Gizza: Who was he? He sounds like a nice guy
Aelfgeft: That young whippersnapper was called Chronolink, got rid of John he did some time ago
Gizza: Gee farmer Aelf, where did he go?
Aelfgeft: You best ask your master, now what can I get you?
Gizza: Coal dust, oh and here's a bag of gems
Aelfgeft: Excellent, here we go

Gizza leaves and returns back to Draviens house

Gizza: Hey Dravien I got it
Dravien: Good, ok here goes

Dravien starts smelting hessite and making a variety of things from it all

Dravien: Now lil Gizza, get making stuff from this copper, and armour you can make; you can keep
Gizza: Wow thanks
Dravien: This might take a while

Hours later Gizza skills up his Blacksmith level and soon makes a complete copper-chain set for himself

Dravien: AHAHAHA! You look so silly
Gizza: Hey? You looked like this once
Dravien: Hmm... well I suppose I did... once. Right, take this wooden staff, and we are going to go training
Gizza: WHEEEEE! At last some action

Dravien takes Gizza to a land of Roaches and sheep etc

Gizza: Hey? Why do I get a practice staff and you get a Damon staff?
Dravien: Firstly: You lack the skill, secondly: Damon is not handed to you on a silver plate
Gizza: Ok
Dravien: Now, see that giant roach? Kill it

Gizza attacks a Giant Roach, taking a while to kill it. Finally, after defeating it he turns to Dravien

Gizza: Wheeeee I won

Dravien doesn't respond, he's having a flasback


Chronolink: The Mace, does nice stamina damage as well, no stamina, the enemy dies easily

Dravien starts hitting an Orc with a practice mace

Dravien: I'm doing little damage
Chronolink: Hit it more

Dravien carries on hitting the Orc to not much avail, suddenly he see's the Orc has no stamina and kills it in 2 hits

Chronolink: There, no stamina, you have a dead target
Dravien: I see it now

-End Flashback-

Gizza: Dravien? What is it?
Dravien: Oh, nothing, well you beat the roach. Continue killing roaches, and i'll teach you more on the ways of the staff

More hours later, Gizza gains a level and gets his staff skill up

Gizza: Why do we have to use a staff? Why not throwing weapons or a dagger?
Dravien: The way of the staff provides armour value, you take a hit from your enemy, you won't be as badly hurt
Gizza: So the staff is a good way to go?
Dravien: Of course, I wouldn't have trained it otherwise. Rest time for now, tommorow you will learn some magic training
Gizza: WOW! I always wanted to learn that

The next day

Dravien: Here, a practice wood wand, I need you to cast Dexterity Other | on me
Gizza: Ok, here goes

Gizza tries to cast only for the wand to blow up

Gizza: Owwwwwww... that hurt
Dravien: Keep trying, have another wand and skill yourself up

After many more hours and broken wands later Dravien feels his Dexterity go up

Dravien: Hmm, you did quite well there, albeit burning off loads of runes. Time for you to learn some Blue Magic
Gizza: Why can't I train in Black Magic?
Dravien: You lack Wisdom and Intellect is why
Gizza: Oh... what about White?
Dravien: We'll get to that later, now make me a Copper Golem

Gizza tries. Much to the surprise of Dravien he makes it first time

Dravien: Impressive, you're doing quite well. Now, we are going on a mission
Gizza: Ohhhh what kind?
Dravien: I think you'll like it, it's like PK, but not
Gizza: Nice

They make their way into town and see Hibiki

Dravien: Ok here's what you do. Offer him some Damon ore, when he is still, use Magic Wall II

Gizza approaches Hibiki

Gizza: Uh... Hibiki?
Hibiki: What do you want n00b?
Gizza: I have some... Damon ore
Hibiki: Really? Put it on the floor and show me it
Gizza: Sure

Gizza quickly takes his wand and waves it about, closing Hibiki in a wall he cannot move out of


Gizza runs off back to Dravien laughing

Dravien: Well done. Now, we have a LOT of training to do, focusing more on using the staff... and stealth
Gizza: This sounds pretty good heehee. Oh Dravien, I must ask, who was Chronolink?
Dravien: Chronolink taught a few people the ways of war and skills, he is an old master of mine. He taught people where to level, what to level on, what to carry, you name it he did it
Gizza: Wow, will I ever meet him?
Dravien: No, he disappeared one day, no one knows where but I think he'll return at some point
Gizza: He seems like a good person
Dravien: You wouldn't believe

The next day

Gizza: Why are we in the mountains
Dravien: This will be your toughest challenge yet
Gizza: What do I do?
Dravien: You are to wait in stealth, in these mountains for 2 days nad 2 nights, then return back to me
Gizza: But master I...

Dravien disappears before his eyes

Gizza: I hate it when he does that

So Gizza waited in the mountains, invisible

Three days later and Gizza finally returns

Dravien: Three days?
Gizza: I thought i'd push myself a bit more
Dravien: Excellent work. Now for the next part, then I think you might be ready
Gizza: What are we doing?
Dravien: Weapon training, and lots of

For the next week Dravien shows off his staff skills to Gizza. Gizza imitates his moves until he gets everything to perfect
precision skill

Dravien: I think you are about ready
Gizza: Really?
Dravien: Yes, really. Just one final thing to learn. PK
Dravien: To the PK alter

After a long journey through many sectors they finally reach it

Dravien: Touch it

Gizza touches the alter

Dravien: Good, now let's go kick some ass

They venture to Aelfgeft's land in stealth, where they see John and Sturm harrassing Aelf again

Dravien: Ok, i'll take Sturm, you watch me and do the same to John
Gizza: Ok

Dravien walks up to Sturm and beats him with his staff and watches his disappear back to his lifestone. John starts to hit Dravien but misses every hit. Before Dravien's eyes he sees John disappear back to his lifestone; and sees Gizza come from nowhere

Dravien: You did, I didn't evan land the killing blow. Ok lets gets back to our place and make some supplies

Back at their place Gizza is working on making some Hessite Armour, he is interupted by a loud crash and what seems like an explosion above ground

Dravien: What the?
Gizza: Let's see what it is

As they emerge they see what appears to be an airship crashed onto Aelfgeft's land. After a few minutes some figures emerge from the ship

Aelfgeft: Get off my lan.... ahhhhhhhhhhhh

Aelfgeft soon runs away

Chronolink: Dammit, we're stuck here until we repair the ship I guess
Rokhan: Stealth the ship, make sure we are undetected
Daegan: Hmmm.... this is our opportunity to have a bit of fun until we get to Phobos


General Chat / @RaP DoOd 138
« on: April 29, 2008, 05:20:59 pm »
I was going to rap-battle Cham
But he got scared

*RPGWO community cheer me on*

Waddup? I been doin this for ages
I don't need to read from pages
I can see your rages
In this game you can see play Mages
You do this for the lulz?
I'll take a bullet to yo balls
Where i'm from I take a piston and beat you on
I get my Glock and blow your cranium to the stadium

tiger out my face kid

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