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RPGWO Chat / Wowwwwww
« on: January 08, 2019, 10:34:44 pm »
Hope you're all doing well. Can't believe this place is still "kicking" after over a decade. Just checking in. Stay well.

RPGWO 2 / Efficiency?
« on: September 13, 2008, 10:46:03 am »
Is it just me or does RPGWO v2 seem like 100x more efficient? No 5000ms ping times?!

RPGWO Chat / Behold The Coalition
« on: September 08, 2008, 08:45:04 pm »
What is The Coalition? What is CoF's History? Well I tried to piece some stuff back together... This stuff is REALLY REALLY old!

Everyone else
Kill On Sight
Lost Souls

Guild Leaders

StormyNight - Daegan

Second In Command


Main Members


Secondary Members


                "Behold The Coalition!" -Stormy

    The Coalition is based off of honor, trust, respect, and courage. Without these attributes, The Coalition would be nothing. Each member shows a sense of respect for each other, the game, and the guild as a whole. This means that none of our members would steal from each other, macro, dupe, multiclient etc. We're in it for the good of the game, and of course.. to be the best.

                            "Time to kickass and chew bubblegum! And we're all outta gum" -Stormy

    When we war, we fight fair (hehe SORTA). We do not go war, strike, then go no war. We are always a war guild (TDK). We fight with honor, never backing down, never spawn killing. Sure we may use cruel ways of getting to you, or getting into your guildhouse, raiding your chests, and killing your tames, but that's how we are. You don't like it? Go nonwar and cry(TDK).

                                                "OMG WTF NEWB! YOUR GUILD SUCKS!" -Some Newb

    So what do we hate? We hate it to all hell when someone, usually a guildleader of a guild we just forced into debt or wrecked in a war, accuses us of cheating or complains about us. Yeah we fight a little dirty...maybe.But, for you to insult us and for us not to be able to war with you is garbage, and we haven't broken any rules... Just bent a few.

I joined a guild on lib1 with SlashZero and Lithys called United Swords. There I met Pure Chaos. He was just some n00b always talking about having sex or something... idk

I also met Emrys Merlin. I remember sitting in the guildhouse and he was bitching someone stole his runes. He was pissed because he put them in his special yellow bag. I asked him how anyone was supposed to know it was HIS bag and he said it was obvious being that it was in HIS room...
He had no tradeskills, his "Room" was square of granite rocks outside.

United Swords died, and The Fou Empire was given to me by Fou when he became an admin. The Guild was in serious trouble, it had like a negative gold balance and all the members were inactive and newbs.
Lib1 wiped and all was lost.

Until I met Daegan. I had just gotten @@ and built a quest upon his house. He was pretty pissed. I remember UT warping over and telling me "That looks bad... Fix his house"
So I did

The Brotherhood emerged!
Me. Merlin. Pure Chaos. Lithys. (SlashZero had vanished at this point)

Then I met Ravyn. Rav did you EVER get that memo?  

I really don't remember what happened here. Or what happened after here.. I'm pretty sure the offical "Coalition Of Fun" was born on phobos and migrated to every other server thereafter. I remember having atleast one spy in every guild. I remember warring with everyone but, I never remember losing any wars...  I Remember dominating TDK. I  remember getting rules added that were stupid... No magic walling behemoths at the siege (Yeah.. I'm the reason Magic Wall doesn't block movement anymore... I got deadmined for that). No golems in town. No untaming golems in town. No harassing TDK  

The Coalition Of Fun was shortened to CoF then simply The Coalition. It is sort of ironic because the guilds we dominated did not have any fun at all
The symbol of CoF is the "Coalition Cross", a red and black cross with bulbous points, which is also kind of ironic

I missed a lot. I hope some of you newbs can contribute.. Most of this was off old txt files and memory.

Gaming / Spore!
« on: September 07, 2008, 09:20:10 am »
This topic is currently pointless, but I'ma go play now and contribute something to it

Post your creatures people! Post em up! I want to look at them.
And I'm betting like 100$ the first creature someone posts is a giant bear.

General Chat / Houston. We have...Puppies?!
« on: September 02, 2008, 08:45:10 pm »
Houston.... We have puppies...

This is how many times the UPS man comes to deliver stuff to my house:
Last time he came with my new amp for my car he decided to leave his two year old Beagle too. He was breeding her but wanted to knock it off and have her go to a good home (my house I guess.. I don't know.. lol). So she came, totally not spayed (duh) and when we got her guess what? She was in heat.

And guess what? My year old male no-reason-to-be-neutered pug went after her. So yeah. They sorta shacked up. And if no one ever tells you what happens when a boy dog and a girl dog do when they fall in love it can be a swift kick to the face.  The birds and the bees talk was never properly explained to them either it seems.

So weeks passed, my newly adopted beagle got more and more plump, and just the other day we got six little bundles of joy  Four males, two little girls.

They've all already been promised to close friends or relatives of mine for no charge. Just wanna see the little mutts have a good home ya know? I'm keeping one, I haven't decided which yet as I'm torn between one of the males and one of the females.  Very cute nonetheless hehe.

Sorry for the crappy pictures, my wonderful parents left my REALLY nice freakin camera at my aunts house in NYC last time they went, so I have cellphone pics... :rant:

General Chat / Photography
« on: August 05, 2008, 09:12:19 pm »
Hey guys!
Figured I'd let some of you people out there who don't care into my life a little bit.
I haven't had any time to game like at all in the last two fuggin years... and it blows hard. With school, two jobs, and the drama that comes with life I've been pretty stressed with time and such.
What I have been able to do is continue shooting pictures... hehe
These are some I took of Niagara Falls last weekend on a little trip I took. These are raw unedited (except for resize) and are shot with a "cheap" Casio Exilim... Yeah I'm working on my Digital SLR
Lemme know what you think, these are of course only a sample.
I know this is opening Pandora's box but if you have any shots you wanna share throw em up here.

Also shot a lot with an OLD Konica SLR that has no auto settings at all... Waiting to get the film developed. (Thats right, I said film)

RPGWO Chat / OOOOLD Conclair Logs
« on: August 08, 2007, 08:07:08 pm »
So I was parsing through some of my old cds trying to figure out what to waste and for some reason I burnt an entire CD full of RPGWO Logs... lol
Oldies but goodies  )

23 23.24   You killed Golden Keeper.
23 23.25   @@@Admin Mickey globals   Trivia  Why do the "Backed" Spider attack each other??
23 23.27   You cut Dino Marksman in the legs for 1 CUT damage
23 23.27   You killed Dino Marksman.
23 23.30   You lose 1 LIFE to poison
23 23.34   Only One global message per 60 seconds allowed (4 seconds left)
23 23.36   Only One global message per 60 seconds allowed (2 seconds left)
23 23.37   Only One global message per 60 seconds allowed (1 seconds left)
23 23.38   Only One global message per 60 seconds allowed (0 seconds left)
23 23.38   Conclair globals   they have no friends  P
23 23.40   You lose 1 LIFE to poison
23 23.43   You ready Phobos Staff
23 23.43   The Phobos Staff has 96% use left.
23 23.46   You cast Heal Self II on yourself for 42 life
23 23.49   You cast Heal Self I on yourself for 21 life
23 23.49   You lose 1 LIFE to poison
23 23.50   Rincewind globals   cause they have different queens?
23 23.52   joojoo globals   cause they got each others back?
23 23.59   You lose 1 LIFE to poison
23 24.04   Aelfgeft globals   because they backdoor each other like like conclair and liniak?
23 24.10   You lose 1 LIFE to poison
23 24.20   You lose 1 LIFE to poison
23 24.20   chronolink globals   i told u geft. hes mine
23 24.21   You ready Damon Shrokrim
23 24.21   The Damon Shrokrim has 89% use left.
23 24.33   mini kam globals   cause u told them 2
23 24.55   xXx globals   they attack each other caz if one is tamed and the other one is not the tamed one allwayz attack the wiled monster
23 24.57   Seige #169   Monsters Spawned 758   Monsters Alive 0   Average Player Level 23   Minutes Left 14   Players  Yuffie(0) , Valen(31) , Kenshin(22) , chronolink(31) , Evilistickness(11) , angel4(30) , Tewebag(13) ,
23 24.57   Aelfgeft(19) , ratz(30) , Daring(1) , Chilli(13) , Conclair(27) , Rincewind(18) , joojoo(38) , Admin Mickey(1000) , killeroo2(10) ,
23 25.10   1 item(s) stacked
23 25.17   @@@Admin Mickey globals   um, not what I was looking for heh
23 25.18   Valen globals   they hatch form eggs
23 25.18   joojoo has left the world.
23 25.37   Conclair globals   Because you coded them that way?
23 25.39   You are very hot.
23 25.57   joojoo has entered the world.
23 25.59   You critically slice Moo Maid in the head for 27 CUT damage
23 26.02   You critically slice Grayvyn Clone in the head for 26 CUT damage
23 26.03   Tewebag says   cows!!
23 26.04   You critically slice Grayvyn Clone in the head for 14 CUT damage
23 26.04   You killed Grayvyn Clone.
23 26.06   You cut Grayvyn Clone in the head for 8 CUT damage
23 26.09   You cut Grayvyn Clone in the head for 6 CUT damage
23 26.09   joojoo says   darn isp
23 26.11   You critically slice Grayvyn Clone in the head for 21 CUT damage
23 26.13   You critically cut Grayvyn Clone in the head for 20 CUT damage
23 26.16   You critically slice Grayvyn Clone in the head for 22 CUT damage
23 26.18   Ravsethe globals   why did you have to a put a skill requirement on the hessite mace? im not godly any more =(
23 26.18   You critically slice Grayvyn Clone in the head for 47 CUT damage
23 26.21   You cut Moo Maid in the head for 14 CUT damage
23 26.23   You tell chronolink   tell geft to behave himself..
23 26.23   You cut Moo Maid in the head for 11 CUT damage
23 26.26   You critically slice Grayvyn Clone in the head for 14 CUT damage
23 26.26   You killed Grayvyn Clone.
23 26.29   You critically slice Grayvyn Clone in the head for 28 CUT damage
23 26.30   Rincewind globals   cause spiders are predators and live alone and don't like company?
23 26.31   You cut Grayvyn Clone in the head for 9 CUT damage
23 26.32   chronolink tells you  y's that?
23 26.33   You critically cut Grayvyn Clone in the chest for 19 CUT damage
23 26.35   Valen says  war
23 26.36   You critically slice Grayvyn Clone in the chest for 19 CUT damage
23 26.36   You killed Grayvyn Clone.
23 26.37   xXx globals   when the spider is owned by some one and rebells it makes eggs of the owner but the spider is not owned
23 26.45   You tell chronolink   I dont "backdoor" anyone
23 26.46   Liniak globals   You are standing on a cave entrance and push Scan Area, you do some wierd stuff
23 26.48   @@@Admin Mickey globals   no,no, and no
23 26.54   chronolink tells you  lol
23 26.59   @@@Admin Mickey globals   I'll give the winner a Reflection Ammy heh
23 27.04   chronolink says   geft a special request to behave
23 27.10   Grayvyn Catapult killed Aelfgeft.
23 27.12   Chilli says   catapults
23 27.14   PrinceofDarkness has left the world.
23 27.19   Ravsethe globals   is it cause you set them too? i bet thats it!
23 27.20   angel4 globals   is it because they are making babys
23 27.22   Grayvyn Catapult killed Rincewind.
23 27.29   Grayvyn Catapult killed chronolink.
23 27.36   Tewebag says   were?
23 27.38   Conclair globals   they kill eachother to keep the population down
23 27.38   killeroo2 says   wheres the catapults?
23 27.39   @@@Admin Mickey globals   no
23 27.40   Grayvyn Catapult killed angel4.
23 27.41   Rincewind globals   anyone close?
23 27.46   Grayvyn Catapult killed chronolink.
23 27.48   @@@Admin Mickey globals   OH!!! Conclair!!!
23 27.50   joojoo globals   after mating they eat each other like widows
23 27.59   Grayvyn Catapult killed Valen.
23 28.01   Liniak globals   They want to be the rulers
23 28.03   massholder has entered the world.
23 28.05   Conclair says  O.o
23 28.10   Grayvyn Catapult killed Aelfgeft.
23 28.10   Grayvyn Catapult killed chronolink.
23 28.11   Grayvyn Catapult killed Chilli.
23 28.12   killeroo2 says   where dang it
23 28.16   Grayvyn Catapult killed Kenshin.
23 28.17   Grayvyn Catapult killed Tewebag.
23 28.17   mini kam globals   they were created that way
23 28.20   Ravsethe globals   i bet its cause after mating they eat each other like widows!
23 28.23   xXx globals   caz they kill each other to have less lag
23 28.29   @@@Admin Mickey globals   When I first added them, long ago, they multiplied into HUGE numbers, so I needed a way to control the population, heh
23 28.29   Target too far!
23 28.41   Cyril globals   Oh yeah.. I remember that.
23 28.43   Conclair globals   you should do that to chickens >.>
23 28.49   Warp!
23 28.49   @@@Admin Mickey globals   pffft
23 28.56   Conclair says  it was a joke...
23 28.57   Grayvyn Catapult killed chronolink.
23 29.05   A trap has cast HERO on you!
23 29.07   Grayvyn Catapult killed Aelfge
23 29.07   Grayvyn Catapult killed Valen.
23 29.10   Liniak globals   Kind of like when you used to leave one chicken egg in your basement and come back the next day and your basement is full of them, along with all your nieghbors basements
23 29.16   killeroo2 says  catapults are killin people where are they
23 29.17   Chilli says   attack them all at once
23 29.20   You must have a wand readied
23 29.22   You ready Phobos Staff
23 29.22   The Phobos Staff has 95% use left.
23 29.23   Grayvyn Catapult killed chronolink.
23 29.24   You cast Hero Self III on yourself for 76 HERO
23 29.25   xXx globals   so u set them to attack each other
23 29.26   Ravsethe globals   regardless, it is because you set them too, so i was right, so i should win, but i dont want you to reack terrible admin magic down  upon me *runs*
23 29.27   A trap has cast MANA INFUSE on you for 102 MANA!
23 29.27   killeroo2 says   where are they
23 29.32   You cast Wisdom Self III on yourself for 60 WISDOM BONUS
23 29.34   Grayvyn Catapult killed Kenshin.
23 29.34   Grayvyn Catapult killed Tewebag.
23 29.34   You cast Strength Self III on yourself for 60 STRENGTH BONUS
23 29.34   You are no longer overburdened.
23 29.36   A trap has cast MANA INFUSE on you for 78 MANA!
23 29.38   You cast Quickness Self III on yourself for 60 QUICKNESS BONUS
23 29.42   You cast Intelligence Self III on yourself for 60 INTELLIGENCE BONUS
23 29.44   Cyril globals   Chickens can't even fend for themselves versus roaches and other such low level monsters.. lol
23 29.44   Grayvyn Catapult killed Valen.
23 29.49   killeroo2 says  found them
23 29.55   @@@Admin Mickey globals   reminds me, I need to macro /meteorite
23 29.56   Tewebag has left the world.
23 30.02   Conclair globals   I was joking! lol So Mick wheres my reflection ammy?  P
23 30.05   killeroo2 says  dang right when they killed
23 30.09   @@@Admin Mickey gave you 1 Reflection Amulet            
23 30.10   Liniak globals   Do it
23 30.13   Conclair says  ;D
23 30.19   Conclair says  I didn't think u were serious
23 30.22   A trap has cast MANA INFUSE on you for 119 MANA!
23 30.30   You cast Dexterity Self III on yourself for 60 DEXTERITY BONUS
23 30.32   @@@Admin Mickey says  not sure if it still works anyways heh
23 30.32   A trap has cast MANA INFUSE on you for 67 MANA!
23 30.33   Kynn has entered the world.
23 30.39   Conclair says  still cool to have
23 30.43   Conclair says  i can sell it if it dosen't work
23 30.45   The Reflection Amulet has 5 uses left.
23 30.51   killeroo2 says  circle the castle
23 31.00   Kenshin says  what does it do?
23 31.14   Liniak globals   Can't you just go ahead and destroy this world, even if your not going to make a new one?
23 31.23   Conclair says  reflects melee attacks
23 31.34   Kenshin says  cool
23 31.39   killeroo2 says  can someone hero me?
23 31.45   @@@Admin Mickey globals   I can "accidentally" destroy it muhahahaha

Too lazy to clean it up... lol you get the point. Reflect Ammy  )

20 28.10   Emrys Merlin says  WEE
20 28.14   Fuse globals   thx darkdragon
20 28.15   Emrys Merlin says  sometimes i see fast
20 28.17   darkdragon has died.
20 28.17   Emrys Merlin says  and other i didnt
20 28.20   Emrys Merlin says  back there i could catch up to apoc
20 28.22   Emrys Merlin says  O.O
20 28.26   Emrys Merlin says  somethings broken
20 28.27   chronolink globals   how bout Tilur joins in Pure?
20 28.32   Evilistickness globals   You for got about Dan,,,you bastard!!!!
20 28.34   @Admin Auron globals   buahaha we are RUTHLESS!
20 28.42   Emrys Merlin says  conclair
20 28.44   Emrys Merlin says  hero III me  )
20 28.53   Pure Chaos II globals   then i get ead to join and that's 10 people on a king sized bed. chrono, NO tilur has his own fun masturbating in his own little corner
20 28.55   Throwermobile has died.
20 29.05   Emrys Merlin says  ???
20 29.07   Emrys Merlin says  conclair?!!?1
20 29.09   Emrys Merlin says  HERO!!!
20 29.11   Emrys Merlin says  plEEAZE?
20 29.16   @Admin Auron globals   cool it
20 29.20   Emrys Merlin says  DAMNIT CONCLAIR!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
20 29.30   PURE CHAOS II has been muzzled.
20 29.33   Emrys Merlin says   hero concliar
20 29.36   Emrys Merlin says   hero stormynight
20 29.39   Mind globals   yay bout time
20 29.40   T R III has entered the world.
20 29.41   Betht has entered the world.
20 29.44   You cast Hero Other III on Emrys Merlin for 84 HERO
20 29.45   Emrys Merlin says  HERO MICHAEL
20 29.46   Bumfluff globals   hahaha pure
20 29.47   @Admin Auron globals   I still have muzzle =P
20 29.48   Liniak has entered the world.
20 29.52   Emrys Merlin says  thanks you
20 29.54   PURE CHAOS II has been un-muzzled.
20 29.59   Emrys Merlin says  hmm michael, just guessing at your name ;P
20 30.01   Evilistickness globals   Pure I ran into some dificulties you have hermeroids  '(
20 30.17   Dritz globals   of people, if the country was being ruled that way, well somebody mustuve deserved it because of all the hard work he did to aquire his position, tell me this, i have a feeling you would've done the same thing
20 30.21   Betht globals   hey, Auron, "muzzle" me ;)
20 30.27   Emrys Merlin globals   WTF did they do to MY BELOVED ZIRCON GOLEM!!!! ***CRYS***
20 30.31   Pure Chaos II globals   pfft auron..
20 30.48   Emrys Merlin says  can i hit you once?
20 30.49   EMRYS MERLIN has been muzzled.
20 30.50   You are very hot.
20 30.54   @Admin Auron globals   I said cool it peeps
20 30.56   EMRYS MERLIN has been un-muzzled.
20 30.57   Conclair globals   unmuzzle him  (
20 30.57   T R III globals   lol
20 30.59   Conclair says  hit me
20 31.02   tikal has left the world.
20 31.03   You ready Emerald Bracelet
20 31.03   The Emerald Bracelet has 46.4% power left.
20 31.04   You ready Phobos Staff
20 31.04   The Phobos Staff has 79% use left.
20 31.05   Emrys Merlin says  i need a good weapon
20 31.06   Zodiak globals   People..Settle..
20 31.09   Throwermobile globals   thankyou man those people were really sickos talking about rapen children
20 31.12   Mind globals   ok fun is over
20 31.12   The Emerald Bracelet has 46.35% power left.
20 31.15   The Emerald Bracelet has 65.05% power left.
20 31.26   Fly killed Slavexxxx.
20 31.36   Conclair says  ur xmas presents at apocs house
20 31.37   T R III has left the world.
20 31.42   Conclair says   HIT ME FOOL
20 31.44   Betht globals   are saying that i would rape, tuture, and murder people for failing in the olypics, are you saying that i would oppress my people, mainly women so badly to the point of death? no SANE person would,
20 31.45   Emrys Merlin says  lol i get an xmas gift?
20 31.45   Conclair says  FOOL
20 31.46   Emrys Merlin critically crunch you in the legs for 56 BASH damage
20 31.46   Conclair says  FOOL
20 31.48   Conclair says  ok
20 31.49   Emrys Merlin says  happy?
20 31.50   Conclair says  my turn
20 31.52   Emrys Merlin says  hmm
20 31.53   Emrys Merlin says  ok
20 31.53   You cast Flame Other I on Emrys Merlin's chest for 12 FIRE damage
20 31.56   Emrys Merlin says  lol
20 32.00   You cast Heal Other I on Emrys Merlin for 12 LIFE healing
20 32.01   Emrys Merlin says  strong!
20 32.04   You ready Viking Wand

good times  

Gaming / I gave in...
« on: June 06, 2006, 10:44:54 pm »
I play wow... Its a sad day, for I play WoW.

After an hour and a half I have two level five chars, a level 5 Hunter on Drak Thul
and a level 5 mage on blood soul or sumthin.

That is all.

Demon Soul*

General Chat / Images through ASCII Algorithm
« on: October 02, 2005, 10:50:05 pm »

Thats an RPGWO screenshot ran through an ASCII algorithm and condensed. l33t.

Bugs / Problems / I think I am broken.
« on: September 24, 2005, 11:16:08 pm »
i cnt sp33k crrtly n i fail at typin i dont no wuz wrong when i playd cs i missd n i coudnt get hs!!!11!11!1 wht could b wrong??///

oh its noobitis.

Suggestions / ANOTHER Server Idea
« on: September 17, 2005, 02:53:27 am »
Read on youngins.

Special thanks to Teh Daegan

General Chat / Competition
« on: August 25, 2005, 01:16:55 am »
Hey all, I'm working on bringing back my RPGWO fansite, with any luck I'll have it done by Friday, if you feel you have anything to offer in assistance AIM: stormynightnet MSN: stormynight(AT)

PH34R Grinch... Ph34r!

General Chat / Free Fantasy Football
« on: August 17, 2005, 12:52:08 am »
Join my fantasy football league... Why? Because I need people to pwn!

Go to ESPN.COM and sign up for fantasy football, it's completely free and all.

Then go to "Join Public League" and search for "Teh Pwnz0rz" and join.

I'd be StormyNight111 and my team name is "New York Storm" The draft date is August 25th at 10:45 PM. It's a live draft so be there or get a crap team.

The league id is 193611 and the league name is "Teh Pwnz0rz"

General Chat / Welcomed Host
« on: July 10, 2005, 09:44:02 pm »
If Mick decides not to scrap this game, I'm here to offer these boards a host.

Mainly because I enjoyed my time spent on RPGWO, and you guys are trying to keep the game good. Micks new forums suck hardcore...

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