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Announcements / Enceladus Season 4 Launch
« on: February 03, 2023, 08:15:32 pm »
Enceladus Season 4 is now live!

Announcements / Enceladus Season 3 Launch
« on: December 08, 2021, 02:30:01 pm »
Enceladus Season 3 is launchhing at 8pm EST TODAY December 8th, 2021

Come join the fun and see where you will rank this season!

RPGWO 2 / Enceladus Season 3 Launch
« on: December 08, 2021, 01:21:16 pm »
Enceladus Season 3 has an expected launch date of December 9th, 2021.

Come join the fun and see where you will rank this season!

RPGWO V3 / Damon Weapon/item for Mages Upira
« on: August 21, 2017, 07:01:12 pm »
So i'm pretty sure you have an idea for what you are going to do for Damon on the wand/orb side on Upira (since they aren't in yet). But since the Artifact Orb is already in the game and it's dynamic just like damon weapons. It doesn't make sense to add another dynamic wand. And the fact that all damon weapons are wands as well, means mages need something a lil extra too.

My idea's (2) are a Damon Rune. Now this can be an unbreakable rune or need to be recharged like a wand with mana stone. It shouldn't completely break though because of rarity of Damon. Now my first idea is to have this rune be the lvl 5 rune for lvl 5 attack spells and/or lvl 5 boosts. Even make it for lvl 3 stamina to mana where you get positive mana to stamina trade off and also do higher +'s to armor. Now the only downfall to this idea in theory up front is that you need to have high enough black/white/whatever magic to cast lvl 5 spells and since the damon weapons are only 100 skill to arm that's not very fair. One way this could be fixed is by allowing those spells to be used with much lower magic lvl than what it should if it was scaled accordingly because damon is so rare. However, this would allow a very low lvl mage to become very powerful early on if you were to find damon early or remake. So then next resolution leads to my next idea, which i think would only benefit black mages (unless ideas merged).

Make a spell or spells that require the damon rune and make the spell dynamic in damage. So I can learn "Meteor Strike Other" and it isn't scaled I, II, III, IV. But rather the damage is scaled dynamically like weapons are within the spell itself depending on players black magic level.

You could even mix the two idea's to make it beneficial still to be able to use say the damon rune to cast lvl 5 spells or stam to mana III etc. if you have the cast spell required or cast the dynamic spell. You could even make multiple runes, however i think Damon is rare enough to be able to do this with 1 rune. If anything, 1 rune per magic but that may be a bit much and you can go around it by resmithing the rune if need be. You could also merge the two ideas to make dynamic boost spells, amor plus's, renewals etc. too (which would probably only benefit at a higher skill level depending on scaling).

*Bonus spell idea: Mega or Ultima Renewal. Cast's all three or two renewals at once (casting them all separate is just adding extra time). Or even better, "Dynamic Renewal Aura Self" - Creates renewals with dynamic renewal quantity but with a TIMER like boosts rather than fuel amount. Catch, only 1 Aura on at a time? So you gotta choose then have normal renewals for the rest? Or have option for the ultima and cast all 3 but for a much higher skill requirement?


RPGWO V3 / Enchantments/Bonus +'s for Weapons/Armor
« on: June 29, 2017, 04:54:07 pm »
An idea I had a few years back was more detail into armor and weapon itself. Not creating additional ore armor/weps or "Specialty" weapons (such as Storm Mace etc.). But allow either player added or random chance dropped "enchanted/Bonuses +" weapons and armor. This would be a concept mix between say Minecraft's enchanting and say Diablo III's random dropped weapons. Items that drop from monster kills have a chance at having different additional attribs or bonus skill/special ability. This would enable a player whom has reached say their top tier weapon to be able to continue to search for the same or different weapon but with better attribs/bonuses. By attribs, i don't mean actually adding strength and such to your char (which actually wouldn't be too bad of an idea - don't know how coding for that would work, but spells can do it so why not armor) but for the item itself to have benefits. Whether it heals you for 5 every 10 seconds, or gives you Smite and does increased damage to undead monsters. Or for armor, specifically say mage armor since no servers have ever really implemented specific mage armor properly. Low armor ratings, or requirement of a magic skill to arm. But they can, say, cast spells on you. Every 5 seconds you get Mana Renewal, or every 5 minutes Armor Self etc... The options and ways of doing something like this could be limitless and add additional value to item drops and would aid in economy. Imagine always needing to look out for a weapon you use that has better or other "bonuses" on it that you want. Now they could be limited to only 1 per item, or have chances at more - idk that would need more thought.

This also could be applied to Jewelry (redo it a bit so it's more of getting bonus' from them rather than specific skill pluses). Also trade skiller tools, a chance for say a longer lasting pick or an increase to strength when wearing etc.

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