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General Chat / Pretty cool game
« on: August 22, 2006, 09:12:42 pm »
I've been playing it for about five minutes now, it's OK..2D, pretty interesting.

RPGWO Chat / New Server
« on: February 06, 2006, 10:04:45 pm »
Myself, Jordonias, and Grinch have been sort of bugging Jon to let us run a server as he bought a new server to support Shadow, and has the old machine just lying around, well not really.

Jon hosts forums and websites, which are included along with the Shadow Machine
Jon bought the new server to help expand his hosting.
Jon has room for another server.

The server would be quite simple:
- 1 town
- Quest(3-4 sector big, underground, MANY skills required to complete)
  - Unable to bump into
- No deities
- Balanced armor and weapons
- Skills
  - Defenses pre-trained, all 8 cost to spec
  - Deception pre-trained
- Condos
- Quanths mixed into more levels
  - 1-10 (Quanth)
  - 11-20 (Quanthsar)
  - 21-30 (Quanthsith)
  - 31-40 (Quanth)
- Skill cap is 40
- Magic weakened
  - No level 5
  - Black magic and red magic reduced, level 3 red magic boosts 30 to attribute, skill to cast INCREASE MAJORLY
- No chat filters(except 'tiger' and 'wolf'
- 1 mod(carefully picked and interviewed
- Global delay-10
- More farm animals
- Races run by admins, 1 race each     WILL BE PLENTY ACTIVE
  - Axe    = Dinos
  - Jord   = Grayvyn
  - Grinch = Harpy
- Mining
  - No dirt
  - No new ores
  - Etheria only minable
- Armor
  - Defense requirements(magic defense)
- Costs
  - Guild  = 50,000
  - Land   = 5,000
  - Mule  = 10,000
  - Trader = 10,000
- Monsters
  - Monsters with mucho stealth
    - NEED a vampire potion to train on them

PM myself, Jordonias, or Grinch if you're curious abuot more, or pick here and we'll reply.

Please note, this will be forced PK along with stealing enabled.  Vote away.

Also note, don't base this on our reputations or anything of the sorts, we'll be playing fairly with no corruption and kind to all.(Although no rules will really be incorporated  :happy: )

RPGWO Chat / Comeback
« on: January 18, 2006, 09:21:18 pm »
I'd just like to tell you all, I'm making a comeback to the game.  then again I never left..but...anyway.  I'm currently level 30(gotten 8 lvls in past 3 days).  And obviously leveling quickly.

I plan on getting level 50 within a month, just so you all know.  Basically, I'm going to college after this year, so I doubt I'll be on much if at all.  My last run should hopefully prove to all the noobs that I did have skill*cough..Cham...cough*

Suggestions / 'Deimos' Remake(new server)
« on: December 03, 2005, 04:47:50 pm »
The only way you'll get most of the vets back is with a server, Deimos if you will.

Deimos would need to be as followed:

8x8 World Size

No potions

No jewels(except WEAPON drops)

+25 per skill max cap.

Lower economy, example: roaches drop one gold(on a 1-25 chance), dark sithareens or something around that skill level drop 3-5 gold(on a 1-50 chance), sithareen knights, infernal machines, drakes, and other skill level examples drop 8-10 gold(on a 1-75 chance)  Souls drop 10 gold only(on a 1-50 chance)

No quests

No towns except one plot with Bob the Collector, which reminds me-roach antennaes=2 gold. And a lifestone, outside the plot, forced PK, including all guilds.

Remove jewel-making skill

Lower black magic, example, Lightning IV does 60-80 dmg, (literally, wood wand does 60, copper/iron does 65, gold does 70, titanium does 75 and hessite/mag/damon/viking does 80.)  Go down for each level, III does 40-60, II does 20-40, I does 1-20.

Lower red magic, level one attribute and hero boost does +10 to any thing, including attributes(strength, dexterity, quickness, intelligence, and wisdom) Level two does +20 and level three does +30.  Increase the attribute red magic level 3s to 250(as hero 3 is now) and same for level 2, level 2 red magic to 150(as hero 2 is now).  this lessens the ability for noobs to level 3 boost them selves at level 1.

Raise ability of mining, I'd say something like this:
     Iron and Granite Ore--75 mining
     Silver and Copper Ore--100...125? mining
     Magnetite Ore--150 mining
     Gold Ore--175 mining
     Titanium and Zircon Ores--225 mining
     Hessite Ore--250 mining
     Magma Ore--350 mining
                    If this was my server, these would be non-negotiable, as they're all quite fair in mine and many others opinions.

ALLOW DAMON TO BE PURCHASED, via gold.  I'd say one damonite ore for 200 gold would be fair.  As the fact roaches drop 1 gold every 25 kills, and etc. this could be a nice feature to keep the economy stable, although perhaps the item economy unstable...Able to negotiate

Hire a programmer or program self, idea of taxes.  We're playing in the Medieval time period, and yet no taxes are ever mentioned.  I say 1 gold per v-month for level 1-5, 3 gold for lvl 6-15, 5 gold for level 16-25 and 7 gold for level 26-40 and finally 10 gold for level 40s and above.
   Perhaps this would be hard to maintain and/or figure out a way to solve an issue if somebody doesn't have the gold on them, and I'm unsure if it's possible to program it as I stated.

Stealing enabled.

Guilds forced war

Mules and traders cost 10 gold each, land costs 5 gold, guild creation costs 50 gold, guild membership costs 10 gold, and whatever else I missed always above 5 gold.

Conclusion:  I'd like feedback/suggestions on my ideas, while it may never happen, I'd just like to see what the players would want.  

I don't want people to say this would be too hard to program or code, because aside from the tax suggestion, none of this would be hard to change at all.  I'd say Mick could easily get a server up such as this within 5 days, maybe 10 if the tax thing was seriously considered.

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