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RPGWO Chat / Re: Grandeur
« on: October 27, 2019, 03:57:02 pm »
Not sure where "we're going to kill miners with underground spawns" was pointed out, but I understand your concern and how much worms and other underground atrocities may have scarred, but I assure you that is not how this will be set up.
it was what I took from "but you may just so happen to catch one in the act of hiding “their” treasures..".  not sure how you'd set something like that up without it involving monsters, but now I'm looking forward to finding out.

You can make a monster that doesn't attack and just runs away. If cornered they will swing at you so you give them 0 attack just in case. If they run too far away from their spawn point they will just freeze and vanish last I checked. The game tries to optimize for lag by removing monsters, it's the same reason you can just keep entering and exiting a quest in an empty sector until all the monsters vanish and then run it quickly.

Nothing posted here is anything new from what I can tell, it's the same ini with minor mix ups or they haven't shared any info about the interesting features.

The real problem with this game is no one plays it and it starts out difficult and gets easier the higher level you get.

RPGWO Chat / Re: Grandeur
« on: October 26, 2019, 08:28:50 pm »
RPGWO as a whole has a lot of possibility and ability to do some neat things with, even back in 1.15, but the majority of people are stuck in the ways of how they've been set up forever and don't actually look at the whole picture and how they can be set up and used. Clear your mind of what you think you know.
it really doesn't! 

what I think I know was learned the hard way, actually coding server files.  after months of work in V2, and even asking Roar for help(he gave great work around advice), over half the things I wanted in my server weren't possible because so much of RPGWO is hardcoded.  you may find work arounds for some things, but the majority of what you've proposed here just won't work.


The issue is the biggest thing that's blown y'all's mind for the longest time was putting writings on weapons and if that's the most inivative thing recently I guess that shows a lot. So take a seat Greatest. Let daddy do his work.

Please don't make it so that you have to reach level 50 to train another special combat skill. That's one of the worst ideas I've heard to date, just lock it to like 700 skill level and keep the same skill. If you think the most interesting thing people have done is put writing on weapons you haven't played for a long time. The only thing left that's interesting in this game is someone pulling off a world with an insane amount of scripting.

Here is another quick review-
Strength of the Gawds - giant maul high damage and slow = done already and bad idea if the world has pvp.
Safeguard - Spell/better armor boring and possibly broken for questing running / pvp.
Master of Poisons - poison is worthless in this game don't bother, ess steal OK. This one is by far the worst option based on my assumptions.
Concealment - sounds like stealth is possibly limited to one class which is a poor choice.

Tell us something interesting, so far you're only telling me you put writing on weapons.

RPGWO Chat / Re: New pvp server - Desolation
« on: April 11, 2019, 08:32:40 am »
Why is everyone so over critical of the only team of people actually making a server. Its not like Mickey is doing anything to keep the game alive. Some bumps in the road, what server hasn't had those?

Sorry but that's just how being an admin works. Everyone complains and then you go and fix what they complain about. You don't cry and say, "All this is made up" you take the feedback and say, "OK i'll fix it". Criticizing Mickey at this point is a meme, if you want to hate find some other game to build a server on.

RPGWO Chat / Re: New pvp server - Desolation
« on: April 09, 2019, 04:08:07 pm »
All of these are made up, spawns were set at start. Tailor was intended to be 5 SP. Gold has been 25 per ore at the launch of server and is still currently 25 gold, was never changed. An item was degrading into a high lvl monster drop wand. was an OPPS in the ini. Was fixed and all wands removed. There are NO training rooms, we set the blue magic spells and mobs that can be created as such so training rooms cant really be made. The need for an admin was people like to bot in video games now. So some one was lvl 31 black smithing with in the first couple of weeks because of botting. Dont blame anyone for rpgwo in its current state. Blame your selfs. Dont come on forums making up random stuff for no reason. Cotten was ment to spawn in world but for some reason didnt. Lamp oil was removed from game but readd because of appeals thats why there was no tree for olives.

Sorry but "There are NO training rooms, we set the blue magic spells and mobs that can be created as such so training rooms cant really be made." is not true if you can make lvl 100 tames. The only way to catch this sort of room is for an admin to find someone in the act.

RPGWO Chat / Re: New pvp server - Desolation
« on: April 07, 2019, 12:24:55 pm »
decent server, but some huge issues I've seen so far(only played about 2 hours):

1: no natural cotton spawns.  1 of the admins gave people cotton at some point, but if you weren't on when it happened you're screwed(and tailor costs 5 points here so really screwed).

2: no natural olive tree spawns.  seems an admin gave everyone an olive seed, but again if you weren't on when it happened you're screwed...

Why wouldn't they just re-dispense them throughout the world using admin? You can have lvl 100+ tames (assuming blue magic) so training rooms are on the board. "Balanced economy" "Two characters per account". The worst part was no admin was promised but admin was online. This guy has some nerve. Do not recommend.

v2 Servers / Re: Oil Spouts
« on: March 12, 2018, 07:22:04 pm »
same way you do plants.

Pretty sure oil usually isn't clustered like plants so you will need to change the usage to give less oil if so and make sure it doesn't decay. Also if it's like a plant you might have to go around the the world and drop more in if enough people play. Typically it's scripted, if you don't know how to script you could hack a compiled map file (rsf?) to warp your admin around and drop in more.

RPGWO V3 / Re: Sea serpents
« on: December 27, 2017, 06:41:45 am »
Name=Sea Serpent
;DeadItem=Dead Monster
Weapon=Damage VI
;;; fix loot
;Treasure0=Sharks Tooth


change that line to SightRange=7  so they dont see u off the screen

Keep it at 10 it makes the monster unique and it's one of the only monsters that can see you off-screen typically. Get good?

RPGWO V3 / Re: Cooked Chicken Legs
« on: September 04, 2017, 08:05:25 am »
You should use in game appeals for posts like this that don't drive any discussion (imo). I think a lot of people just scan the most recent posts section (or at least I do) and most of the posts show anything interesting going on with V3  besides general bugs. Thanks!

RPGWO V3 / Re: runes/magic
« on: June 08, 2017, 06:46:30 pm »
1: runes shouldn't be crafted by mages.  mages have it too easy already.

They still need blank runes from a blacksmith and how would a blacksmith know magic runes to create them?
How do mages have it too easy?
I'll let this go...but I'm still against it :P  and mages have it easy because they usually make a ton of money and have nothing to spend it on except runes, on the rare occasions they need them after they get a full set.  most players remake after making a ton anyway, this way they only have to make the blanks and can make the harder runes with magic skills when they have the level to use them.

2: if you need a rune to make a rune how does anyone get runes to start off?  npcs never have all runes, so we'd all be screwed.

That is what "rune research" is... duh. A way for magic users to discover runes but at some kinda cost (mana, gold, etc.)
Why can't some runes be hard to get/discover? Wouldn't it help create an economy???
...I like the rune research idea, but I think it will get a little weird.  I also think it would really make a mess of the game economy(1st person to get a new rune tries to sell it for 10k whether it is useful or not).  this also ruins early game where you make a few runes and try them out in the 4th spot hoping you get a new attribute spell.  if you research and get nothing but runes you can't use/don't need how long til you just give up and try some other play style?

3: if monsters drop runes(would be a way around 2) mages wouldn't even need to buy blanks...making them way too overpowered!

Runes still break. A rune drop could be rare, maybe. Like a Quanth drop. Plus, isn't there well over 50 runes? Little chance to get a rune you need.

These are just ideas right now. I haven't started work on magic yet and would be nice to hear from more players on it.
quanths really aren't that hard to get on most servers make a bunch of golems and fight them against each other til you have enough.  as far as runes as drops: mages make way too much cash, they don't need the only items they have to buy as monster drops. 

also why do we have so many runes when we use less than half?  the last few servers I've played did the alphabet 2.5-3 times so 65-75 runes there, while we use somewhere around 30(?).  I mean it is 4 for targets(self other item ground), 4 for spell type(attack buff debuff create), 2 in the 3rd slot, 1 for each basic spell, and 4 for spell levels. 

1) Mages don't have it easy, you actually have to pay full attention while training unless you're macrroing or abusing LOS in some way. Playing a mage is a huge disadvantage on most servers.

2) I don't understand your thinking on mages having too much money? Your argument is that they don't need to buy anything but runes, but you can say that about any other skill in the game. You can literally run the worst armor in the game on a character if the +s are decent. The problem is the economy isn't balanced, it has nothing to do with mages specifically and I don't think they make considerably more money then anyone else.

3) Rune research is more often boring / annoying. You just figure out a few of the runes and decode the spells from another server. No ones buys runes just like no one buys weapons, potions, and any other item in the game. There's no reason to try to depend on someone else when you're gonna be solo playing most of the time 1-2 months into the game. My personal opinion still is that if you added 100 players to a server and made the system intuitive for setting prices on traders people would buy from traders more often since it's convenient. Traders then can turn gold into cosmetic items for houses, upgrade tools, buy tames, etc.

RPGWO V3 / Re: Mining and Blacksmith
« on: April 29, 2017, 10:50:40 am »
...also can you bring back tool parts?  right now carpentry is useless since its main purpose was always just making handles.  also can we take that a step farther, instead of just making an item outright can we make different parts and add them together?  ie: making an armor you'd start with leather straps on a metal plate/scales then add more leather/metal as the armor progresses...this could also work with your gilding idea since you'd be able to add different things at different steps to get different items.  this would also allow someone to upgrade an item they already have by adding more onto it, ie: someone with a light cuirass could add pauldrons or spaulders to get a medium type armor.
Have monsters drop stuff that can be turned into weapons. But not finished weapons and certinly not enchanted ones. 
In terms of gilding weapons and/or armor, I recall you saying something about the possibility of adding more jewelry effects. It'd be neat to maybe also just have a way to "improve" a bonus/effect on an item. Like say you have a shield that has some immunity to say... slash and maybe you gild it with gold AND ruby it increases/grants fire resistance.
Possibly also maybe make it so that if a weapon has a skill bonus on it, you can improve said bonus, without changing the skill, by X number by gilding it.
This would make tradeskilling to making armor not only more interactive and customizable but potentially have more value overall in the game's economy for higher and mid level things. And this can be supported even more so by allowing higher level players to obtain materials from the stronger mobs, etc to then have a blacksmith or such then use said to craft as said by Royan.

Bit of derailing the thread here - I'm not sure if V3 is supposed to be an improvement of V2 or if the core ideas of the game are changing. I'm obviously of the personal opinion that if V3 is based on V2 it should first fix V2s problems and then people can throw out whatever general weird ideas they have. It sounds like in Micky's post he making ini code based off people's ideas and not actually fixing the problems, what's the point?

In the context of tommy's post it's just way too much to follow since he doesn't state what is wrong with V2 and how it should be working in V3...

Hacky work around in v2-
In V2 it's possible to add magical effects to armour/weapons (such as stamina renewal). The problem with it is that it's a total hack to get to it work where you HAVE to use to treasure ini to get the item with those effects meaning you MUST kill a monster to get an item like that. It has been worked around in the past like on Hex the warfan items work where they summon a lvl 1 monster that when killed gives a warfan item with the magical effect.

Bug -
The problem with this is that even if you set the treasure ini to 100% drop rate sometimes the item won't drop. It would be great if this bug was fixed, and if it was possible to just directly apply a magical effect to an item via ini code.

Bug -
Also when magical effects are set on items/weapons they can get weird and revert to "number of uses left" and have detrimental effects on the item, this should be fixed also.

Improvement -
It would be nice if it was possible to grant other magical effects to weapons, such as them stacking with your existing boosts instead of just overriding them (which would make them actually useful and desired).

This part of his post is an entirely different bug which could have its own post of dopigentation but i'm not 100% sure if that's what he's referencing -
Possibly also maybe make it so that if a weapon has a skill bonus on it, you can improve said bonus, without changing the skill.

The rest of it's mostly worthless you can already do that stuff in V2 with more ini code / items.

RPGWO V3 / Re: Mining and Blacksmith
« on: April 29, 2017, 10:11:31 am »
My goal is to have a tiered metal system, lower to higher. The names don't matter. I use our Earth names because they are familiar but ... this isn't our Earth. So I can make up new names if you want.
I've always been against tiers of metals, so if thats what you want I guess my thoughts on it don't really matter...

Putting parts together to make different items is a lot of work and I think some significant code changes unless you code the .ini for every possible combo. It could be a long term goal. Not sure.
it wouldn't be too different from most other usages.  think of the steps in making jerky(on most servers), you gather meat, you salt it, you cut it, you use it on the oven...several steps several tools, multiple materials.  right now most armor making is heating ore using it on an anvil, shouldn't armor be more complex than jerky?  different materials, different tools, more steps...

You're looking at it the wrong way - jerky is only 1 item and a very simple item at that. Weapons/armours are usually around 15 different items with many sets and dynamic stats. Maintaining this in the current ini code is a total pain not even mentioning images, wear images, and animations. The only way this setup can really work and be convenient is to change the fundamental way weapon/armour stats/ini code is put together.

The solution obviously is some sort of auto determining stats based on the ores mixed and somehow map them to the right images/wear/animations, but it also brings the problem of balancing things since you have to add overrides for certain weapons to balance them properly.

I think this is a much harder problem then you're expecting and would take a lot of planning / reimplementation of the code to setup properly.

If you forget about mixing all the ores dynamically, a possible work around is to just use tiers of ore and make making certain items a more involved process. You make one "bronze" armour set ini code with all the usages you can think of, then copy and paste it 15 times.

I feel that this game would thrive better if the community was more or less REQUIRED to work together in some way shape or form.
I still find it very silly that it's possible for players start with trade skills, grind up and gather all the goodies to support a combat character to the high levels and then remake to a combat character instead of growing with the community, etc.

I believe people remaking is a non issue. Bring a larger player base where there are a lot of fighters looking for supplies and give a reason for traders to want gold and it goes away. Right now you basically have to remake because you can't depend on the other players of the game to make it as far as you will.

Now this can be slowed by lowering the experience rates, etc of usages and combat rates but then you get the non-stop whining and moaning of players that the exp rates are too low. And I fully understand where they're coming from as the lower the experience rates are the more grinding and redundancy that is required to get to the point needed.

I haven't given much more thought into solutions for this, yet so I'm moving on to the next subject which ties in a little to this anyway.

Not sure how it's making the game more grindy? If you're lowering the xp rate your server has a lower average level. Your content should all be rebalanced to fit within a smaller range. This was already done on modern servers. You could do the same thing by making skills cost more to learn.

RPGWO V3 / Re: Version 3 Work Has Begun
« on: March 21, 2017, 08:38:48 am »
No warp in AND out (pk/stealing or win/die quests)

For the part of the stealing and PK sectors:
 Add a command or such that toggles a plot/sector stealing. It should also warn a player upon entering that they have entered a stealing zone or whatever.
I see no point in this, stealing should be all or none.

Anyway here is actual stuff that is broken / I think should at least be adjusted in V3. I'm sure everyone here has a million ideas of how to make the game more fun and QOL improvements for admins. If you wanted all of those ideas it will take me a long time (lol).

There's probably more then this list, can't remember everything ;D.

Multiuse fail XP is broken. Multiuse in general feels like an afterthought.


Trade spam infinite menus.

Trading to go above max burden.

Hardcored crap it takes forever to resolve trees having Forest on them, black magic, being able to auto mine / perform other future auto actions with other tools, etc.

Item reset / item relational code / world change detection - slow sometimes i'm assuming it goes by in game ticks. It would be better if it went by real life seconds but that could be far too difficult. Example open a trap door by trigger and it ALWAYS closes 1 second later.

Drowning monsters.

Make it so monsters never drop below 15 Mana when they cast to remove free icing / blinding / mana denial.

Making the allow only one item code actually work in all cases would significantly improve the way the game could be played.

Allow playing of mp3 files so that music files don't add up to a massive file size.

Make stealth xp based on the monster level in some way. Scan levels can be adjusted. Makes finding optimal training spots more challenging instead of always finding the first 2x scan monster and camping them.

Untamed mules/traders staying around and not being able to be killed.

Treasure ini is bugged in the the fact that if a monster has a 100% drop rate and the treasure ini has a 100% drop rate sometimes the item won't drop. Seems like it happens if the monster dies in an area where lots of items are on the ground.

Siege - make it so that certain monsters can be flagged so they won't spawn in the siege since they are not appropriate for it.

Sometimes an item will get bugged in the world in a spot and it causes everything around that spot to sort of glitch out. I believe you can reproduce this by casting a -1 improve on an item or something of that nature. I think the best way i've found to clear such a glitch to is restart the world after attempting to clear the bugged spot.

RPGWO 2 / Re: Gallows Admin corruption (quitting)
« on: March 10, 2017, 07:14:11 pm »
Also when I explained to him that he was exploiting a bug and how it was a bug, he continued being disrespectful and being an overall bad ‘influence’ because he was talking down to me, the admin of the server, blowing me off like my points of view were invalid. This is EXACTLY the same as going up to one’s employer and telling them that everything they are paying to to do is null and void and that they should let you whatever you want to do.

Maybe I don't understand your post fully but it sounds like you messed up and allowed players to memorize on quest land? If that's the case that's your fault and not a bug. You screwed up and should log into every account and re-memorize the warps. Players are players and you cannot blame them for taking advantage of your mistakes. Fix what you messed up.

Also when I explained to him that he was exploiting a bug and how it was a bug, he continued being disrespectful and being an overall bad ‘influence’ because he was talking down to me, the admin of the server, blowing me off like my points of view were invalid. This is EXACTLY the same as going up to one’s employer and telling them that everything they are paying to to do is null and void and that they should let you whatever you want to do.

This is not a job - it's an online video game. If you can't take a little smack talk from players or deal with them when they are upset step down now.

I did /meteor for wolfs and giggles last night, but no Damon was spawned in doing so.

Why? So you can admin troll players and upset them?

v2 Servers / Re: How many people still want to play V2?
« on: February 27, 2017, 03:37:57 pm »
Opened the client to see Gallows server.   I was hella thrilled...... but admin only allowed to log in.    :(   Your work in progress?

World is already a flop / bad version of Hex from what I can tell looking in the files for a few minutes unless they attempted to fix the stuff Mysti put in. Only thing really new I saw is some dual sword images and they recolored some of the monster images. Could be good if it's a lot of quest content I guess.

⦁   Thanks to MYSTI for all the hard work she put in as this is a continuation of the CARNAGE files.

Glad Mysti still gets credit for doing very little - don't get me started on how big trees should turn into small ones lmao. Hopefully this time they don't have the secret hero traps again and give Mysti's favorite players free items/boosts/etc.

Looking back again to see if I missed anything the dual swords don't even have wear images, believe its because I put in the max amount of wear images already so they will probably be messed up.

Perhaps adding some magic power to weapons so that you don't have to use a wand?

I would also like to see the world set up for more of a teamwork and community aspect as well.
-Quests that require more than one person (Say one that requires one of each type of mage to cast a spell specific to their school in order for the party to progress)

1) Not possible.
2) Also not possible when so few people play the game.

RPGWO Chat / Re: Maybe RPGWO still has a future.
« on: February 19, 2017, 10:00:11 pm »
i'm more interested in floating sector maps with a full wall of teleports linking them..

What exactly do you mean by that? For example special maps that are completely detached from the main world?

Also I have to say although I definitely think there is a place for a 'traditional' MMO type server like RPGWO had, I think the 1 plot no-PK servers captured the sandbox spirit of the game a lot better.  I always loved server wipes and that initial scramble for people to try and buy good plots, get their skills up and work out the runes/plants/trying to be the first to get stuff like this and make some money from it.

On a similar note to that, in one of my posts many years ago I mentioned that RPGWO gets boring at endgame when you have reached the highest tier in all your crafting skills and you are just mindlessly grinding combat XP.  Looking at sandbox survival games today, I think RPGWO would benefit from some kind of 'seasonal' wipe, where you could say have a standard server which is permanent for those who want to set characters forever, but a separate seasonal server that had a full wipe cycle of an amount of months that would have to be determined.  If 2.0 ever had any form of official support again, this could be extended into having seasonal leaderboards and some kind of cosmetic reward or immortalisation in game for people who were at the top of their skills, and like a hall of fame with statues for players that were the max level.

That kinda thing, is a way to increase longevity and keep the game fresh. Especially if during seasons new content was worked on, then at the start of a new season comes with a huge content patch.

I know I'm getting ahead of myself here, but if Mickey gets around to reading this I just wanted to highlight the fact that despite the game is very old, there is so much you can still do to modernize it without changing the core gameplay too much.

You're getting way too far ahead of yourself. Build whatever server you want and see if you can keep any substantial amount of players on (20-30).

V2 will never have any official support - it's very clear Mickey is done and would rather try to rewrite the game first. Give up on the dream V2 has been carried by people who loved the game for years not by Micky. I don't believe there are really any of those people around anymore which is why we see no servers currently up.

RPGWO Chat / Re: Maybe RPGWO still has a future.
« on: February 19, 2017, 09:50:29 pm »
i'm more interested in floating sector maps with a full wall of teleports linking them..

What exactly do you mean by that? For example special maps that are completely detached from the main world?

Yes floating maps are extra special maps that you can warp in and out of. I believe the only advantage to them is that you can make the map perma light or dark. Disadvantages to them is I believe they are limited in size to 200x200 and you can't have any underground. If you think your quests might really push the limits of size in the game I would recommend making your world bigger and wall the extra parts off for your own personal use like many did in V1.

There use to be an interesting feature where players could buy a token, place it on the ground and then they would receive there own special warp to a floating map home plot they owned 20x20. I haven't found any reference to this in the game though which makes me think it's possibly been removed (or maybe was scripted).

v2 Servers / Re: How many people still want to play V2?
« on: February 15, 2017, 09:34:06 pm »
that should be completely possible, but not sure it would make for a server worth playing.  unless I'm misunderstanding, why add crafting to magic(which you seem to want as the only fighting skills), and which would craft runes(hardcoded into magic)? 

whichever can make runes(black?) is going to be overpowered.
this would also kill game economy since the best fighter is guaranteed to be the best crafter because they only need 1 skill...and would be 100% self reliant.

I agree - seems flawed to move trade skills into magic to me. Good luck!

RPGWO 2 / Re: Hexed
« on: September 23, 2016, 08:27:38 am »
Want me to open a basic V2?

No one likes a basic empty v2 world, I think that's been proven many times now. In my personal opinion there's a gigantic setup time with creating a new a world. If some people would be kind enough to share some of the old worlds they have sitting around then the assets, quests, other fun content could all be combined into a single massive world in a relatively short time (depending on which base files you picked).

For example, Mickey probably has a ton of decent quests (especially from the dungeoneering world) you could pull from his files + hex stuff + future stuff + Eddie's world files (IK he has a lot of worlds) + hexed quests... the list goes on. With all of those you could easily open a world with nearly 100 quests.

Otherwise hope Balmung is working on his world still, it's the only promising thing i've seen pop up lately.

RPGWO 2 / Re: Rebirth V2
« on: September 02, 2016, 09:07:41 am »
Remaining .ini to complete:

Item (Weapons and Armor)
ItemUse (Need item numbers(Blacksmith, Carpentry, Fletching, Locksmith, Masonry, Tailor))
I hate agreeing with Drav, but over a year and all you have is magic?  no monsters means magic is useless, no items means world can't be generated.  what exactly do you have?

edit: oops 2 years!

He said he only has the following left to do,

Item (Weapons and Armor)
ItemUse (Need item numbers(Blacksmith, Carpentry, Fletching, Locksmith, Masonry, Tailor))

If you grinded hard on them I can see it only taking a week.

I predict 2-3 days for weapons/armour.
Carp/Masonry are mostly copy and paste - 1 day.
Blacksmith - 1 day.
Locksmith, Fletching, Tailor have smaller number of usages - 1 day for all.

Monster is probably the largest variable here but he said 21k lines so pretty close to done?

Didn't mention quests also which is probably the largest factor.

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